Back in business: Courtney was getting her usual mix of insults, compliments and moral advice after her page was reinstated

Controversial teen bride Courtney Stodden has received an apology from Facebook after it deleted her page due to 'inappropriate sexual conduct.'

The company said the 17-year-old, who infamously married 51-year-old Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison in May, had her account removed by accident.

Risque: Courtney Stodden has posted a racy photo and tweeted: 'Too sexy for Facebook?' after she was banned from the site for inappropriate sexual conduct

It follows the revelation that she had been denied access to the site after seemingly falling foul to censorship.

Her page has since been restored.
In a statement the company said: 'This page was removed in error and has been restored.

Garnering opinion: The 17-year-old, who married 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison this summer, also linked to a news story about it

'We apologise for any inconvenience caused.'

Courtney's mother Krista Keller said she was relieved the matter had been cleared up.
She told E! she and her daughter were 'happy that it was finally addressed' and hopes 'maybe Facebook can look at the cyber bulling and do something more proactive.'

She added: 'Putting a stop to cyber bullying is something Courtney is very involved in.

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Krista was fuming when her daughter was temporarily removed from the website.

She was sent messages saying she has been denied access due to 'inappropriate sexual conduct' when she tried to sign into Facebook.

Krista insisted her daughter had been singled out by 'jealous' women, who she claimed reported racy photographs to the site's administrators.

She added that no naked photos were posted - but told E! News that female users are ganging up on Courtney because they are envious of how sexy she is.

Facebook has also pulled down some fan sites dedicated to Stodden.

Speaking out: Courtney's mother Krista Keller, centre, says jealous female Facebook users reported her daughter to the site's administrators

She continued: 'On any Facebook page, people can report it for inappropriate content.

'There is nothing on her page you wouldn't find anywhere on Facebook. She has never done any nudity. Not a breast, not even a butt cheek. It's just her in a bathing suit!'

Newlyweds: Posing together on their wedding day. Courtney's mother had to sign a consent form so the then-16-year-old could tie the knot due to her being under the age of 18

Courtney Stodden (Brock's Dub)

source: dailymail

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