Red lad: Kai Rooney arrives at Old Trafford today dressed like his father

As one Rooney gets it right another gets it so wrong.

Kai Rooney sports his dad's football shirt but Coleen gets caught offside wearing a skin-coloured-bra with a backless dress today.

Earlier this year England international Wayne made the mistake of dressing his son Kai in an Everton shirt.

Fashion faux pas: Coleen forgets to wear a backless bra

The Manchester United striker, who is famously a fan of The Toffees, posted a picture of his son on Twitter in July this year wearing an Everton FC shirt.

Realising the potential controversy it may cause, Wayne, who played for Everton from 2002 to 2004, said: ‘He's in his nans house I'll send u all one in his new united kit tomorrow.’

So while Kai arrived at Old Trafford today in a full red devils replica kit ready to watch his father take on Norwich, Coleen was left red faced after a couple of very public wardrobe malfunctions.

Almost there: Coleen keeps her dress down in the wind

The 25-year-old was spotted wearing a nude-coloured bra despite having decided to go out in a blue backless dress.

As Coleen walked Kai from the car park into the stadium it became apparent that the fashion designer had forgotten to wear a backless bra.

Little man: Kai gets dressed in a Man Utd shirt but has previously worn an Everton top

Coleen appeared to have a Marilyn Monroe moment when her dress got uplifted by a gust of wind but the stylish WAG managed to to keep her modesty... mostly.

Mother and son: Coleen and Kai head into Old Trafford

source: dailymail

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