I'm One Hot Girl : Lisa Haydon

Lisa Haydon in a candid chat with TOI

From harboring dreams of becoming an astronaut and a yoga teacher, you took up modeling and now films. What happened to the astronaut or the teacher?
Modeling didn't actually happen all of a sudden. I was 19 when a friend suggested that I should try modeling. I did and approached an agency, and offers started pouring in. Then modeling led to films. I wouldn't say I am an actor by chance because while in school in Australia, I participated in skits and learned acting. So, acting has been in me since childhood. Of course, I still want to be a yoga teacher, may be some time later. Even now, I would say yoga is part of my life as I practise it. But on the bigger scene, it's films for now.

Even in films, do you think you are mostly seen as this hot girl, a kind of sex symbol, more than anything else?
Well, there is no denying that I am one hot girl! If, people think I am hot and sexy, it's fine. However, it is incorrect to attach just this 'sex symbol' tag to me because I am more than just that. I believe with more films, when people see more of my work than anything else, perceptions will change. And I will be glad when it does change.

You are just two films old and you are already making noise. Is it because you have been a supermodel and have stepped into Bollywood?
May be, yes. I have done well in modeling. I have a name, touchwood. So, yes, I know I am kind of well-known.

You have an accent as you have spent most part of your life in Australia. Working in Bollywood requires one to get his/her Hindi correct. Even Katrina Kaif faces flak in this department. Have you ever encountered criticism of the same?
Yes, I have. People who have commented on my accent are not wrong. I mean, if Katrina Kaif is criticized for her accent, why would I be spared? If I am working in the Hindi film industry, it only makes sense that I get the language right. And I am working towards it. I have been taking Hindi lessons for the past three years and have been working on my diction for the past one year, ever since I did "Aisha".

With so many stars around waiting to make an impression, have you planned your career to get a foothold in the industry?
To be honest, I am not the kind of person to plan things in advance. So, I haven't really planned or strategized anything to remain in the industry. I just want to concentrate on my abilities, stay positive and believe that with my hard work, I will do well here. I have done just two films as of now. I need to learn and grow. Acting is an ever evolving process, and I am learning to imbibe it. In due time, I am sure my positivity will pay off.

Beauty is usually not associated with brains. Comment ...
Well, first, it is ridiculous to not associate beauty with brains. Whoever says so, needs a reality check. There are so many beauties with brains and there are so many not-so-good-looking people who don't have brains. What's the connection then?

When you have stars taking note of hands and legs instead of your acting skill, how does it make you feel? (The recent one being Sanjay Dutt reportedly staring at your legs at an event)
It again is ridiculous, you know, to say such things. I wouldn't be able to answer this question simply because nothing of this sort has happened to me. I don't think Sanjay (Dutt) was staring at my legs, no! Some people just assumed he was. You see, something of this sort has to happen to me first to tell you what it feels like. All the actors I have worked with so far are gentlemen. They have a family and it's not right to assume things like this and publicize them.

Are you also looking down South for work?
Yes, why not? If something interesting comes my way, I would love to take it up.

Interesting as in?
As in action. I love action films and I want to do my own stunts in a film. I am sure I will be good at it. I also want to do a comedy. It's fun trying different genres.

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