Lean machine: X Factor judge Kelly Rowland enjoys at day on the beach in Miami wearing a purple bikini

Kelly Rowland is squeezing in some last minute sunbathing before the live shows start on Saturday.

The former Destiny's Child singer soaked up the Miami rays in Florida ahead of her return trip to the UK to sit in The X Factor hot seat on the judging panel.

Looking sensational in a skimpy purple bikini, the 30-year-old star displayed an enviably toned body without an ounce of spare flesh anywhere.

Having a laugh: Kelly and her friend burst into a fit of the giggles as they soak up the Florida rays

Lazing on a sun lounger, accompanied by a female friend, the girls giggled their way through the afternoon as they relaxed by the sea just inches from their feet.

Kelly's athletic physique was especially noticeable as she adjusted a bandana around her head and showed off her taut stomach; as well as raising her thighs to the sky to expose their muscular shape.

But although it seems she spends every nanosecond in the gym to create the perfect silhouette, the Texan star claims it takes just 20 minutes a day.

Toned: As Kelly adjusted her bandana, it was clear to see there was not an ounce of spare flesh on her

Fun in the sun: Kelly showed off her enviable pins as she stretched her legs up to the sky

In an interview with Heat, she said: 'Ladies, the only way is sit-ups, sit-ups, and more sit-ups.

'I’m not rigid, like I have to do them every day at 7am. I just do 200 whenever I have time. When exercise becomes too regimental, it can be intimidating.'

Kelly added: 'You ladies should be like, "Oh, there’s 10 minutes until The X Factor starts - I can do a quick 100 sit-ups."'

Exhausted: Kelly and her friend appear to take a break from giggling as they lie down

The RnB songbird is also adamant that it's better to strive for a healthy body than a thin one.

She said: 'It's not all about dress size but also about being healthy as well. I'll never be a size zero. I'm happy being a size six, but I want to be healthy.

'I work out every other day at least. If you don't then I don't think you see the rewards. Even if you can get 30 minutes of cardio in every other day you'll see a big change in yourself.'

Keeping safe: Kelly generously applies sun lotion to keep her skin healthy

Last moments of freedom: Kelly will fly back to the UK tomorrow ahead of Saturday night's X Factor show

Kelly added: 'There's a great diet called the 80/20 diet, which means you make sure 80 per cent of the stuff you eat is good and the other 20 per cent is your choice.

'It's great because it means you're not depriving yourself of anything.'
The Grammy-winner is mentoring the Girls category on The X Factor.

Windswept: Kelly's dress kept blowing away in the breeze as the weather grew a little cooler

source :dailymail

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