Turning to the dark side: The first look at Julia Roberts' Evil Queen in the upcoming Snow White movie

With films such as Pretty Woman, Notting Hill and My Best Friend's Wedding under her belt, Julia has earned a name for herself as the queen of the romantic comedy genre.

But now the 43-year-old actress is venturing in to unfamiliar terrain in the upcoming Snow White movie, in which she plays the Evil Queen.

In the first stills from the as-yet-untitled movie, due for release in March 2012, Roberts is seen looking stony-faced as she glares in to the camera.

Lady in red: Lily Collins, who stars as Snow White in the movie, said people won't expect romcom queen Julia's talent as an evil character

In one shot, the actress wears a massive red and white dress, teamed with a white feathered headdress, before donning a sumptuous gold number for another take in Tarsem Singh's big-screen adaptation of the classic fairytale.

The movie also stars Phil Collins' daughter Lily, who is making a name for herself in the movie industry after starring alongside Taylor Lautner in recent thriller Abduction, and the 22-year-old actress says people won't be prepared for Roberts' evil turn in the movie.

She said: 'She’s playing evil in a way that I don’t think people are going to expect. Everyone loves that Julia smile and laugh and she maintains that, but in such this creepy eerie way that you don’t know if you love her or hate her.

Going for gold: In another scene, Roberts is seen looking smug as she reclines wearing a huge gold dress

'She’s brilliant and it’s been an honour. She’s so nice, she’s so classy, she’s just everything I had hoped she’d be.'

But Lily, who plays the title character in the upcoming film, which also stars Nathan Lane as the queen's servant Brighton, said Roberts often struggled with her villainous alter-ego on the set.

She explained: 'Julia gets to be quite horrible to me. There’s a scene where she pulls my hair and she pulled it so hard that some of it came out!

Terrifying: Lily said Roberts kept apologising after she was forced to be horrible to her on screen

Swan queen: Lily's Snow White wears an unusual headpiece as she attends a dance in the film

'But we kept rolling and afterward she was like, "I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!" '
Lily recently said playing Snow White is a 'dream come true' for her, especially as it's her first major lead role after being in the supporting cast of The Blind Side and Abduction.

She explained: 'It was a complete dream come true. I pinched myself every day. It was crazy and I loved every second.

Cheeky! Lily looks cheeky as she poses with her best friends - the Seven Dwarves

Hitting the big time: The movie is the first time Lily has been cast in a lead role - a fact which hasn't escaped the 22-year-old actress

True blue: Lily said the movie, which is due for release in 2012, will 'twist' the original fairytale 'in many cool ways'

Glitz and glamour: Director Tarsem Singh appears to have gone all out with the big screen adaptation

Here come the boys: Armie Hammer as Prince Andrew Alcott and Nathan Lane as the queen's servant Brighton

Rivalry? Kristen Stewart is starring as Snow White in competing movie Snow White And The Huntsman, also due for release next year

source: dailymail

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