Getting lippy: Lady Gaga's lips were a vivid shade of turquoise in New York today

There aren't many gimmicks that Lady Gaga hasn't tried, perfected and exhausted... but she found a new one to showcase today.

In a bold move, the 25-year-old sported turquoise lipstick across her kisser in New York today.

It's a look that would make most mere mortals like look like a corpse on a slab, but as usual, Gaga - real name Stefani Germanotta - styled it out with the rest of her ensemble.

Pretty in Pink: Gaga styled her bright colours well in Manhattan today

It was all in the vibrant pink that overwhelmed her outfit, fluorescent faces pulled blank expressions from her shirt as they transformed into flowers, in the same magenta hue, on her skirt.

Pink met purple in her ubiquitous towering Louboutin heels, and an oriental-inspired rice-paddy hat in navy sat atop her head

Gaga is planning to release her Emmy Award-winning Monster Ball concert special on DVD come November 21 - with the new offering including never-before-seen footage.

Bright lights: Gaga is enjoying vivid tones, here in London last week

The blonde is also putting the finishing touches to a Born This Way remix album featuring Foster the People, Michael Woods and the Weeknd, according to MTV.

And the next album - and tour - are in the pipeline, she said recently: 'I'm actually already working on my next album. So I've been working on that.

source: dailymail

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