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Movie: Dookudu
Banner: 14 Reels Entertainment

Cast: Mahesh Babu, Samantha, Sonu Sood, Prakash Raj, Kota Srinivasa rao, etc

Cinematographer: MV Guhan & Prasad Murella

Music: S Thaman
Producers: Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta and Anil Sunkara
Dialogues: Kona VenkatStory: Gopi Mohan
Story,Screenplay & Direction: Seenu Vytla
Release Date: 23rd Sept 2011
My Rating: 3.75/5


Story :
Mahesh (Ajay) is son of Shankar Narayan(Prakash Raj) a politician, but goes to a state of coma for 14 long years while fighting against goons Don Nayak(Sonu Sood ) and Kota Srinivasa Rao. Shankar desires to see his son as politician but Ajay turns as cop and tries to take revenge on Nayak. Meanwhile, Shankar Narayana gets out of coma and doctor advises Ajay to care of him as anything that upsets him might again cause him problems. So, Ajay hides all the incidents happened in these years and starts a new drama to make his father happy. How Ajay saves his father and takes revenge on Nayak is rest of the story.

Artists Performance:
It's Super Star Mahesh's show all the way. Being blessed with good looks, Mahesh was dashingly handsome in Dookudu. Mahesh's screen presence is amazing and carries off the movie with ease. He rocked in every scene and every frame and special mention for his extraordinary comic timing.Mahesh Babu has also excelled in dialogue delivery by mixing Telangana accent in villain confrontation scenes. Mahesh Babu's trade mark teasing romance works big time in Turkey episodes. You see Mahesh being cheerful and smiling in most of the parts of the film.Dookudu is one of Mahesh's best performances.

Samantha is extremely gorgeous and her body language, costumes and make up were apt and tailor made for her role as a fashion designer. Though Samantha hasn't got much scope for performance, it has been a delight to watch her in what she delivered.

Brahmanandam yet again entertains to full extent in this awe-inspiring role. A special mention to the SMS request scene, he is outstandingly hilarious. MS Narayana is just awesome. He is another asset to the movie and his spoof of Yama Donga, Magadheera, Simha, Robo is highly entertaining. Vennela Kishore is impressive, Kota, Thanikella Bharani, Nazar, Suman, Prakash Raj, Sonu Sood are regular. Sonia of Happy Days fame leaves her mark. Pragathi, Shiva Reddy were alright. Others were adequate.

Technical Departments:
Sreenu Vytla's main strength has always been entertainment and he made sure that there are ample characters to create humor. He used Brahmanandam and MS Narayanara effectively to create ample humor. Characterization of Mahesh Babu is done well and the director has also shown Mahesh Babu in new light with better comedy timing. Though the entertainment and action orientation is good, there are ups and downs in the narrative graph due to runtime and number of characters. Screenplay of the film is good. The screenplay techniques used on Prakash Raj taking revenge without knowing about it and Brahmanandam's crazy realty show will surely generate more commercial appreciation.

Main Highlights of the Movie :
1. Mahesh Babu Dialogues, especially with Sonu Sood in Pre-Interval Scene..
2. Brahmanandam: SMS voting appeal and appeal to Nagarjuna Akkineni
3. MS Narayana: Showreel (Yamadonga, magadheera, Robo and Simha).


  • Mahesh Babu's performance�
  • Brahmi, M S Narayana comedy
  • Songs to an extent�
  • Parvathi Melton's item song�
  • Vaitla Comedy timing
  • Samantha's glamour
Drawbacks: Routine story

First half of the movie sets the plot up and it is entertaining. There are ups and downs in the second half, but the entertainment provided by Mahesh Babu, Brahmanandam and MS Narayana takes care of it. The plus points are Mahesh Babu's charm, Seenu Vytla's comedy timing.

Final Word: Fantastic, Mind Blowing, Unbelievable.

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