Warming up: Suri Cruise borrows her mother Katie Holmes' jacket as she bundles up in the cool morning air in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania today

Little Suri Cruise caught a case of the early-morning chills today as she stepped out into the crisp, fresh air.

The shivering five-year-old warmed up quickly, though, after her mother passed down her bulky suede jacket.

No doubt, fashion-forward Suri may have had a few choice words to say about her mummy's dowdy coat - but when a girl's got to get warm, a girl's got to get warm.

Feeling the chill: Just moments before the little five-year-old looked a little chilly as she accompanied her mummy on an early coffee run

That's better: The youngster looked impossibly cute trussed up in the jacket

Suri looked impossibly cute as she wandered along, drenched in the coat, though.
Meanwhile 32-year-old Katie, minus her coat and dressed casually in jeans and a cream top, warmed up with a hot coffee in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In a recent interview Katie, who is married to Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, revealed their daughter is quite opinionated when it comes to clothes.

Caffeine boost: Katie, dressed casually in jeans and a white top and minus her coat, warmed up with a cofee

'The other day we came out of a store, and she said, "I want to go there," pointing at another store quite a distance away,' the actress once told Elle magazine.

'In that store was the dress that she wanted. I said, "Wow, Suri. You’re something. You picked that out from a football field away."'

She also added that Suri isn't afraid to tell her what she thinks of a particular outfit.

Camera shy: Suri put the coat to good use, playing a game of peekaboo with the paparazzi

Filming break: Suri and Katie later joined Tom on the set of his new movie One Shot

Her approach to fashion and beauty is certainly more advanced than most girls her age.

Not only does she wear high heels, but she also likes to carry handbags and even wears lipstick from time to time.

Tom is being joined in Pittsburg by his family where he is shooting his new movie One Shot.

Daddy's girl: Tom looked lovingly at his adorable daughter

Sun's out: As the day warmed up Suri did away with her mother's coat while Katie slipped into a cooler striped top and cardigan

Look at my doll: Suri finally revealed the indentity of the doll she was carrying in a lunchbox

On set: Tom has a laugh and a chat with an assistant on the set of his new film

Catch me if you can: The Mission Impossible actor worked up a sweat as he filmed scenes for the crime drama

Suri Cruise's Ice Cream Adventure

source: dailymail

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