By Lucy Waterlow

Transformation: Make-up artist Vadim Andreev says he can make anyone look like a model, like he has done with this customer

A Russian make-up artist has proved anyone can look as glamorous as a celebrity with his 'miracle makeovers'.

Stylist to the stars Vadim Andreev says he can transform anyone into model material in just one hour with his cosmetics tricks.

The 27-year-old, from St Petersburg, Russia, has released before and after pictures of his recent makeovers to show how different women can look with the right eyeshadow, blusher and concealer.

From drab to fab: The beauty guru says his miracle makeovers take only an hour

'Make-up is a very personal and individual process. I believe that every common girl can become a glamorous celebrity,' he said. 'I want to help everyone to see their own beauty, just sometimes it takes a little bit more time and a bit of a helping hand.'

Vadim said that his subjects are often so amazed by their transformation they don't recognise themselves.

'They do not even expect that they may become so beautiful just by putting a few accents on their faces,' he revealed.

Tricks of the trade: Beauty can be found with the right concealer, eye shadow and blusher according to Vadim

The beauty guru, who has worked with Russian and Georgian popstars, actresses and models, charges around £90 to give makeovers to 'everyday' people.

He says those coming to him for help must do so with a certain mind set or they will struggle to accept their new look.

'Some conservative people are not ready for such a make over, so they need time to get used to these changes,' he explained. 'But most women embrace the changes - and evolve their look to incorporate the new glamorous them.'

Amazed: He said said many women don't recognise themselves after his makeover

However, while he is happy to share some of his tricks of the trade with his customers, he says there are some beauty secrets he cannot reveal.

'There are obviously special secrets we use in professional make-up to extend the beauty look - but these are top secret,' he teased.

Cover girl potential: Vadim has worked with Russian actresses and models and says he can make any girl look beautiful


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