Marriage secrets: Sarah Jessica Parker, seen here today with her twin daughters, admits she allows herself time to hate her husband

So now we know how she does it.

Sarah Jessica Parker has discussed the unconventional secret behind the success of her 14 year relationship.

The 46-year-old star admitted that she coped with married life by allowing herself 20 minutes a date to 'hate' her husband Matthew Broderick.

Just like mom: Twins Tabitha and Marion are starting to look like mini versions of their famous mother

The actress was chatting Ryan Seacrest on his KISS FM breakfast show when he quizzed her about comments she made earlier this month about allowing herself moments of rage.

The I Don't Know How She Does It Star replied: 'I think that's healthy and I think it's realistic.'

'Some people have it down to 20 minutes a week. Other unfortunate people have it down to 20 minutes per hour.'

Happy couple: Sarah has been married to actor Matthew Broderick for 14 years

But she insists she doesn't always require the allotted time.

'In my life, we go many, many days without 20 minutes of bitterness.'

And when asked what her secret to such a harmonious family life was, Sarah added: 'You work really hard for many years and the overwhelming feeling is of good fortune and appreciation - so how else could a person behave if you are so lucky and fortunate?'

Sarah and Matthew three children - James Wilkie, 8, and two-year-old twins Marion and Tabitha - and have endured rumours of his alleged infidelity in recent years.

source: dailymail

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