By Jade Watkins

Profane: Rhianna took things to another level last night, as she stepped out wearing a necklace with the C-word emblazoned across the front

She is known for her risque behavior and onstage racy antics.

But Rhianna took things to another level last night, as she stepped out wearing a necklace spelling out possibly the most offensive word in the English language.

The 23-year-old star's C-word accessory - which she wore brazenly in public - will surely not go down well with the parents of her army of young fans who look up in veneration to the RnB songstress.

Is that really appropriate? The singer was spotted wearing the offensive jewellery as she left the Giorgio Baldi salon in Beverly Hills and headed to a nearby Studio

The S&M star was spotted wearing the offensive jewellery item as she left the Giorgio Baldi in Beverly Hills and headed to a nearby Studio.

The Bajan star was dressed down for the outing, slipping her curves in a pair of casual jeans, a t-shirt and hoodie, and going make-up free for the outing.

And it appears that she left the salon with her hair in a natural style, emerging with her tresses in tumbling curls.

Rhianna is now known for her sexually overt performances and her racy video clips.

Sexualised: The singer is known for her overtly sexualised stage antics and racy costumes, like this one at London's V Festival earlier this month

The video clip for her hit S&M, features plenty of latex, blow-up dolls and bondage style ropes and mouth gags.

Back in June, the singer shocked when she performed a raunchy and overtly sexualised lap dance on a female fan that was brought onto the stage during a tour stop at Miami's Mariner Arena.

Wearing a revealing white bondage leotard, the S&M songstress aggressively pushed the woman back before straddling her and thrusting her body over the bemused woman.

Two shirtless men brought the woman on stage and placed her on the edge of a round platform.

Rihanna then aggressively opened up one of the women's legs with her hand and then roughly pushes the other leg open with her knee.

Rowdy: Rihanna enjoyed a rowdy girls trip in Portofino earlier this month

She then shoved the woman back so she is laying flat down and jumped on top of her, straddling the woman between her legs and pinning her down.

The self titled 'rock star' then gyrated provocatively on the woman giving her a lap dance to her song Skin from her album Loud.

After the explicit dance, Rihanna then laid next to the woman as the round stage revolved and went down taking the two of them below the platform as the crowd continued to go wild.

Over the last year, Rhianna has become more and more risque with not only her performances, lyrics and outfits, but also her wild ways in the public eye.

Indulging: The singer was seen relaxing on a yacht during the trip and sipping a glass of wine

Earlier this month, Rihanna enjoyed a rowdy afternoon 'booze cruise' as she enjoyed snorkeling trip off the coast of Portofino, Italy.

The day had started off with some snorkeling to see a local sight - to see the submerged Christ Of The Abyss statue in San Fruttuoso Bay - but turned into a drinking session on the boat.

After her excursion, she returned to her chartered yacht Latitude to cruise onto Sardinia, where Rihanna partied until the early hours.


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