Patched up: The star also had a plaster covering a cut on her forehead

She was taken to hospital with minor injuries after being hit by a car last week.

And today, Reese Witherspoon showed the extent of her injuries, sporting a nasty looking black eye and bandage on her forehead as she arrived for a friend's birthday party in Los Angeles.

Dressed in a smart blue dress, a fading bruise running alongside the side of the star's face was clearly visible as she unpacked presents from her car.

Visible injuries: Reese Witherspoon showed her black eye, and bruised face as she unpacked presents at a friends house in Los Angeles earlier today

She also appeared to have a bruise on one of her knees from the fall which happened last Wednesday when an elderly woman knocked her down as she jogged over a pedestrian crossing.

But Reese's injuries didn't appear to be troubling the star too much.
At one point she shared a joke with her friend before going into the party.

Brave face: The Oscar winning star looked happy and relaxed despite her injuries and shared a joke with a friend

It is the first time the 36-year-old star has appeared with her injuries visible in public.

She was spotted wearing sunglasses with husband Jim Toth, just two days after the accident which saw her taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries.

However, she was quickly discharged and spent some time 'resting at home', according to her representative.

Chic: The actress looked smart in a blue dress and brown ankle boots, with her blonde hair loose around her shoulders

'The whole incident really frightened her,' a source close to the actress told Us. 'Now she's just resting up.

'The odd thing about all of this,' the source added, 'is that Reese has always been very afraid of being hit by a car.

'It's been an ongoing fear of hers. She is always the first person to pull people away from the edge of the curb.'

Shaded: Reese wore sunglasses to hide her injuries as she appeared with husband Jim Toth just two days after the accident

It has emerged that Resee will not be pressing charges against the woman who struck her after failing to yield to the actress on the crossing on the 20th street and Georgina Avenue Area of Santa Monica.

The vehicle was travelling at around 20 miles per hour when it hit Reese and the 84-year-old driver was cited for failure to stop for a pedestrian.

According to TMZ, the elderly woman feels 'awful' about the accident.

Before: Reese was spotted enjoying ice cream with husband Jim and her children today just hours before the accident

source: dailymail

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