The Love Guru that is to be released in America this weekend is filmed around Indian stereotypes and its people. If the history of Indian characters is seen through the Indian movies then in most of the cases, the characters are portrayed as figures of funs. But soon, the things may change for Bollywood fraternity and they would be the objects of reverence as a major Indian entertainment company is on the cards to finance a new film company with Steven Spielberg.

According to media news Mr Spielberg and his partner David Geffen are in talks to make a new Hollywood film production company with Reliance Big Entertainment, a media group headed by Indian billionaire industrialist, Anil Ambani. Both Spielberg and Mr Geffen are one of the founders of Dream Works, which is a part of media group Viacom, however, it is expected that very soon they will disassociate them from the group.

In case, every thing goes well then Reliance Big Entertainment would pump $500 million in Hollywood. Reliance's this move happened one month after Reliance signed series of bold production contract with George Clooney and Brad Pitt at the Cannes film festival. But Mr A Ambani needs to learn from the earlier experiences of other international investors who tried to make big image after investing heavily in Hollywood before making invest into the market. One media executive expressed his opinion for investing in Hollywood, "Hollywood has a long, distinguished record of eating up foreigners and then spitting them out."

This trend of foreign investment in the Hollywood started in 1980s from the Japanese electronic that in order to increase the sales of it is betaformat equipments invested $ 3.4 bn to buy Columbia Pictures and its sister company Tri-star. The renamed Sony Pictures Entertainment under Jon Peters and Peter Guber the renowned producer from the fresh success of hit movies – Batman and Rain Man- produced many flopped films and finally after 5 years Sony wrote off the acquisition with $ 3 bn in losses.

After Sony it was Matsushita who MCA Universal – later renamed Universal Studios but failed same like as Sony, then after it Jean-Marie Messier, the flamboyant former chief of Vivendi, the French utility, invested in Hollywood buying Seagram, but his dream ended in failure as had to quit from the company's board of directors and company. Hopefully, Ambani may be fortunate enough than his earlier predecessors.

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