Cuddling up: Lucien Laviscount continued his flirting marathon in the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight with Amy Childs

He has said in the past that he finds Tara Reid, Amy Childs and Kerry Katona attractive.

But on Celebrity Big Brother last night, Lucien Laviscount took his flirting in the house to the next level as he kissed Kerry and got into bed with Amy - all within the space of a few hours.

Earlier in the evening, Waterloo Road Lucien had been cuddling up to Kerry on the sofa outside, causing Amy to comment: 'Why don't you just get with each other?

You lift me up: The pair attempted to copy the famous Dirty Dancing lift in the garden

But Kerry replied: 'Because he's only 19! I could get locked up!'

And when Kerry admitted she fancied Lucien, she told him: 'Once you go with a woman as experienced as me, you will just fall head over heels.'

When Amy asked Lucien if he liked Kerry, he replied: 'I don't fancy this woman, I'm head over heels with this woman.'

When Kerry went to the toilet, Lucien was quick to follow her in, closing the door behind him.

Who do you choose? Lucien had earlier cuddled up to Kerry on the sofas outside

Give us a kiss! A clearly intoxicated Kerry admitted she fancied Lucien and the pair shared a kiss in the toilet

And when the door was closed, the pair could be heard kissing inside, with Lucien telling Kerry: 'I'm not arsed about Amy, I don't find her attractive!'

However, as Kerry went to bed, Lucien told Amy that he didn't foresee anything happening with Kerry.

He said: 'I've got a soft spot for Kerry because we get on like a house on fire. We're worlds apart but I get her. The girl's 30 going on 31 and she's got kids and stuff, and I'd rather be friends with her than anything else.'

Looking smug: Later on, when Kerry had gone to bed, Amy lay down on Lucien's lap in the garden

Amy then asked Lucien if he found her attractive, to which Lucien replied: 'I'm starting to, I'm starting to appreciate you a bit more as a person. I think you're an amazing girl and I would love to go out with you outside of this house. But I'm sick with coming out with stuff and not getting anything back.

'I think you're a wicked girl, every time you come out of the room I think you're stunning.'

Mind if I join you? Lucien then climbed into bed with Amy in the bedroom

However, Amy hit back saying she was fed up with the way Lucien couldn't make his mind up about the women in the house.

She insisted: 'If you're trying to play me and Kerry, it's a bit of a joke. I'm sick to death of you trying to chat up me, Tara, Kerry, Sally, I'm done.'

And then, when Lucien asked Amy if she liked him, she replied: 'I don't know if I fancy you, I'm confused. Yes, big time, I do!'

Amy then cuddled up on Lucien's lap and put the blanket over herself, while Darryn headed to bed, leaving Lucien unable to move.

Romantic: It could not be seen if the pair shared a kiss, but they were certainly cuddling up

After messing around pushing each other on the way into the bedroom, the pair then got into bed together, with Kerry oblivious to the fact they were sharing the bed right next to her.

The evening's show began with the housemates woken up to the remnants of Jedward's two-and-a-half minute shopping spree, with Darryn complaining that the twins hadn't picked up any of the essentials - instead concentrating on sweets and cakes.

Lucien, Bobby and Tara were all shown getting ready for the prospect of being evicted, with Lucien saying in the Diary Room: 'As long as I've not made a plonker of myself and my mum and dad are proud, then I'm happy.'

Bobby said: 'I've learned what I needed to learn. so I will take that away with me. But right now, living with so many people, I don't want to do it any more. I'm excited about the prospect of leaving, but scared too.'

Oblivious: Kerry was either unaware of the goings on in the bedroom, or chose to ignore them, as she came into the kitchen for a late-night snack

When Darryn questioned Jedward about what they picked up int he supermarket, one of the twins replied: 'I looked for bread but I couldn't find it.'

But Kerry came forward to say: 'Boys, I think you did really well considering you didn't know where anything was and you only had two minutes.'

And Jedward defended themselves, saying: 'There was some foods that were in your face and we had them in our face.'

The Only Way Is Essex star Amy was set a task of vajazzling or pejazzle all of her fellow housemates, choosing a design which reflects their personality, within the next 90 minutes to win a secret prize.

What's this? Darryn Lyons was unimpressed with Jedward's purchases during their two-minute shopping spree

The haul: The twins were more concerned about loading up their trollies with sweets than essentials like toilet paper

Before taking on the task, Amy said: 'Essex is all about diamonds, it's all about being glitzy. The philospophy about being the best vajazzler is to have good diamonds and to have lots of imagination when it comes to the designs.'

And afterwards, Darryn said: 'I think everyone is really happy with Amy's vajazzling technique, they all got into it and had fun.'

As a reward for passing the task, Big Brother invited her dog Prince to join her in the Diary Room, causing the ditzy redhead to burst into tears.

Amy said: 'Oh Big Brother, thank you so much. It reminds me of being at home with Mum and Dad. I'm missing home so much. But seeing Prince today has really helped me because I've not got long left but I love being in the house. I just can't thank you enough Big Brother.'

Time for a vajazzle: After Amy gave her fellow housemates vajazzles, Jedward returned the favour

That looks pretty! Amy sported a long line of pink diamonds on her leg for the rest of the day

Meanwhile, as most of the housemates enjoyed the sunshine in the garden, Jedward dressed up in red sequinned jackets and smiley face ties as they enjoyed the sweets they had picked up in the supermarket sweep.

Talking in the Diary Room about the possibility of leaving, Tara said: 'I've had a really good time and I hopd I can continue this journey. If I could finish this all the way through it's almost like getting an Academy Award - it's the hardest work you have to put in.'

Darryn added: 'Whatever happens, happens. It's down to the people and who they want to keep in - who they like and who they feel is entertainment and who is going to give them a laugh at the end of the day.

Your turn! Amy had to choose a specific design for all of her different housemates

'I'm feeling really relaxed about the situation, yeah, I'm feeling good.'

And while Amy had given all her housemates vajazzles, it was then the turn of Jedward to give Amy a vajazzle.

As the boys placed diamonds on Amy's body, Amy laughed: 'Who would have thought it would be Jedward vajazzling me? I actually find it quite relaxing having it done.'

Tonight's show also saw the aftermath after Tara left the Big Brother house.

After Tara was evicted, Amy said: 'I'll tell you the honest truth, I thought it was going to be Bobby!'

Emotional: Amy was treated to a visit from her dog Prince after passing her vajazzle task

And Lucien added: 'I was devastated because she's been a big influence on me in this house.'

Darryn said: 'I think there will be a big change in the dynamic in the house', and Kerry concluded, 'I did like her, but I think I was just really intimidated by her.'

As a reward for making it to the last week of the reality show, the housemates were treated to alcohol and music, with Paddy getting slightly too enthusiastic with the champagne and spraying it at his fellow housemates.

Talking about being saved from eviction, Bobby said: 'I'm shocked, I'm really shocked. But nothing's going to get me down. I really didn't expect to make it to the last week.'

But outside, the rest of the housemates said they were stunned that Bobby had been saved.

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