Starring: Avantikka, Rishi Rehan

Director: Rajesh Ram Singh

What To Watch: NothingWhat W

ill Bore You Away: Everything

The movie didn't look very promising after the reviews were out, and well, we got what we expected….A movie with no trace of fragrance.

The shitory…oops, the story of Khushboo starts with the attention at a very ambitious man, Raghu (Rishi Rehan), who puts is career ahead of everything else in the world, until he meets a girl in Chandigarh, Pinky (Avantikka), who woos him and then disappears in the crowd before he can approach her. And this happens for more than once so that it makes the hero wanting to talk to her even more. And when they finally get to talk, they come to know about the very strong bonding they had. And then once again, Piky vanishes out of Raghu's life leaving him with no clue about her disappearance. i nearly started to suspect it to be a movie on reincarnation.

And then there's this 'Haseen Ittefaq' once again which makes the two bump into each other again. This time, Pinky acts straight, and tells Raghu to meet her loving family. The family, as the Punjabis are projected in bollywood movies, is a horribly boisterous yet sweet and caring. Soon Raghu mingles up with them, but with that, comes his time to leave India and go on a posting to New York. Now comes the decision time where the actor needs to choose between love and career.

The movie has a very loud actress to her credit, who has unsuccessfully tried her best to mix up the bubbliness of Preity Zinta and Kareena Kapoor. Rishi had all the signs of an inexperienced actor and had surely thought that his weirdly Hrithik like expressions and eye movements would impress the audience. Prem Chopra has only been a little watchable character, but only comparatively.

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