Poolside posing: Imogen Thomas shows off her dance moves on a slippery pole at a party in Las Vegas

If her celebrity life was to come to a crashing and sudden halt tomorrow, then Imogen Thomas could always consider a job as a pole dancer.

It's not like she hasn't got the dance moves down to a fine art as these pictures - and previous ones - prove.

The glamour model was snapped writhing round a metal pole in Las Vegas last week as she attended a pool party at the Encore Beach Club.

Spinning around: Imogen grabs the pole and pulls herself round and underneath the water spray

In a skimpy black bikini, she grabbed the pole, which was underneath a shower, and began to wrap herself around it, throwing her head back and kicking her legs up.

And whether she intended it or not, all eyes were on the Welsh beauty as she laughed along with her friends.

Wave your hands in the air: Imogen struts her stuff to the music

Imogen, 28, has been holidaying in the Nevada resort and has been making most of the day and night life Sin City has to offer.
And she can't get enough of the pole as she was also snapped showing off some moves the day before at club Stripper 101.
There she took a class which promises to teach students how to 'release their sensual side'.

Desert heat: Imogen throws her head back as she cools off from the Vegas sun

Ready for a boogie? Imogen's friend tries to entice her into a dance

After learning strip club moves and some choreography on the poles, she would have been presented with an official souvenir Vegas stripper licence.
Imogen has certainly been looking a lot happier than when she did a few months ago when her life was embroiled in scandal.
The smile never leaving her face once on this holiday, she took to her Twitter page a few days ago and wrote: 'I'm lovin my life at the moment! Getting on with things, embracing how lucky I am, happy and healthy. Its all down to my family friends & u.'

All the right moves: Imogen took a pole dancing class just a few days before her pool party

source: dailymail

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