That's not hard work! Mark Wright tweets a photo of himself at the No.1 Boot Camp in Ibiza

Nearly all the castmembers of The Only Way Is Essex have been regulars a boot camp over the past year.

But it certainly didn't look too gruelling as Mark Wright tweeted a photo of himself lounging on the beach.

Showing off the results of the workout sessions on his toned abs, the 24-year-old said he was 'enjoying' the last day of his intensive exercising.

The club promoter has spent the past week toning up his impressive physique even more before returning to the UK on Friday evening in time for the Britney Spears party.

Back home: After arriving back from Ibiza, Wright headed straight for a night out on the town at Britney Spears' party

Since he wasn't in too bad shape to begin with, he could afford to take some time out.

But perhaps he wasn't so committed to the clean-living regime after he tweeted a photo of himself drinking wine with his father and friends over dinner on the Balearic island earlier in the week.

He wrote this week: 'Morning circuit done had my porridge now off for a run...

'No1bootcamp has been 1 of the best experiences of my life...

'Woke up at 6am for my run and went bk 2 sleep !! Oops missed the circuit. The trainers are going to punish me later. Legs r killing me. Been a hard week.'

A typical day at the No.1 Boot Camp in Ibiza sees campers getting up at 6am for a run to the beach and back.

source: dailymail

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