Incredible: Jade Richards wowed the judges with her heartfelt performance of Adele's Someone Like You on The X Factor

There have been criticisms in the past that too many X Factor contestants have auditioned by performing Adele songs.

But there were no complaints tonight as Jade Richards took to the stage to perform the huge ballad Someone Like You.

The 21-year-old reduced judges Kelly Rowland and Louis Walsh to tears with her emotional, heartfelt performance.

Tearful: Kelly Rowland and Louis Walsh were reduced to tears by the heartfelt performance

Talking to the judges about why she wanted to take part in the X Factor, Jade said: 'Most people where I stay don't do much at all so this would hopefully give me the boost that I need to do something.'

And asked who was there supporting her, Jade replied: 'My gran, my gran is quality, she used to be a singer as well so that's where I got my influence from. She just encourages me all the time, and supports everything that I do.'

After her incredible performance, Jade received a standing ovation from both Kelly and Tulisa.

'I want to do something with my life': Jade admitted she wanted the X Factor to take her out of her life in Fife

Kelly, who struggled to control her emotions, told an equally-emotional Jade: 'I'm so emotional. I whispered to Gary before you started singing - if this audition goes the way I think it's going to go then it's going to be amazing.

'Because I had a dream about this song. And the fact you came here and stood on that x and sang that song so beautiful. You have the X Factor and then some.'

Amazed: All four judges were stunned by the performance, with Tulisa and Kelly on their feet at the end of the audition

Tulisa added: 'While you were singing I felt I heard your whole life story through your voice.' Gary added: 'That was absolutely fantastic. You have blown this whole place away. Jade, that performance is going to change your life.'

And Louis, who was also very emotional, told Jade: 'You have a God-given talent and you just make the whole show worthwhile, I'm so glad we cam here.

Excited: Another person who was struggling with her emotions was Jade's grandmother Jane, who was backstage with presenter Dermot O'Leary

'I've been doing this show for 8 years and this it's what it's all about - finding someone who deserves a break, and you deserve a break because you've got talent.'

The auditions opened with David Wilder, 42, who told the judges he wanted 'to be a rock legend like David Wilder'.

Belting out David Bowie's Life On Mars, Wilder came down to the panel to sing directly to the judges, before running up and down the steps and singing to the audience.

Afterwards, Kelly said: 'I think all of us should want to be a little bit more like David Wilder. I really enjoyed it.'

Tulisa added: 'I don't know what's going on but I actually really enjoyed that.' Louis said: 'I enjoyed it to because I love David Bowie.'

And Gary concluded: 'Bad tuning, bad timing, bad diction, no connection to the song. Having said all of that, I absolutely loved it. It was so wrong that it was so good.'

Rock legend: David Wilder was put through to the next round after singing David Bowie's Life On Mars

So Wilder got four yeses from the judges, and will soon be on his way to bootcamp.

Next up was 16-year-old Lemuel Knights, who got four yeses from the judges.

Another teenager Max Mackay, also 16, also wowed the panel with his unique tone and cute looks, going straight through to bootcamp.

Lizzie Colbourne, 16, was also put through with four yeses.

Luke Lucas, 16 from Margate in Kent admitted he was nervous about performing in front of Tulisa. The teenager told his idol that she looked beautiful, before giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

Performing Who's Loving You by Michael Jackson, Luke strutted his stuff on the stage, before belting out some incredible notes.

Let's hear it for the teens: Luke Lucas and Lemuel Knights wowed the judges with their performances

Afterwards, Tulisa said: 'You are so cute, where did that voice come from? You are going to woo the ladies in this competition.

Kelly added: 'To come here at 16 with such confidence, I'm so impressed.' Louis said: 'You've got the voice, you've got the personality and you've got Tulisa!'

And Gary added: 'You don't learn to sing like that, you are born with a voice like that. It was amazing.'

Smitten: Luke, who admitted he was in love with Tulisa, was thrilled to receive a kiss on the cheek from the judge

Needless to say, Luke got four yeses from the judges and was put straight through to the next round.

Next to audition was Michael Lewis, who was back as himself after last year performing as Michael Jackson.

He told Dermot O'Leary before going on: 'I have learned from my mistakes and realised that last year I was hiding behind a persona. This year it's all changed, new vocals, new tune and new positivity.'

The 27-year-old performed Geri Halliwell's Look At Me, but failed to impress with his out-of-tune singing and cringemaking dance moves.

Talking back: One member of girlband Angel (on the far right) stunned Tulisa with her backchat

Afterwards, Gary said: 'I've got a feeling the audience weren't clapping because they liked your talent.'

Tulisa: 'That was very surreal and all just a bit weird.'

But Michael who, by this point, had sat down on the stage, was given four nos from the judges.

Not going through: Carina Senn (left) and Jade Freeman didn't make it through to the next round

However, he refused to leave, telling the audience: 'This is my stage, I belong on this stage, what part of that do you not understand?'

Eventually, Gary got up from his seat, gave Michael his jacket and pushed him off the stage, telling him, "Thank you very much, nice to meet you.'

And the bad singers just kept on coming, with Anamelia Silva, 23, dismissed for her arrogance, and Mitchell Webb, who just couldn't sing.

Back for more: Michael Lewis, who had last year auditioned as Michael Jackson, this year went for a more simple performance

Jade Freeman was up next, trying to rap her through the audition, and storming off when Tulisa told her rapping wasn't singing.

And Carina Senn told the judges to clean their ears out after being told she couldn't sing.

Next up was girlband Angel, who performed terrible melodies and as they attempted to sing Willow Smith's Whip My Hair.

I'm not going anywhere: Michael lay on the stage and refused to move until Gary Barlow escorted him off

After the audition, Tulisa said: 'All the energy and all the dance moves is to cover up the fact that none of you can really sing.'

But one of the girls was unhappy with the comments, telling Tulisa: 'That's a bit rich coming from you.'

And Kelly's fellow judge was quick to support her fellow judge, telling the band: 'I understand you have an opinion, but you have to realise that you came here for us to judge you.'

Watch vdo clip below:

Jade Richards - Someone Like You (Adele) audition - The X Factor 2011- 3/9/11

Michael Lewis X Factor 2011 - Audition - 3/9/11 - Geri Halliwell's Look At Me

source: dailymail

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