Make your order: Lacey Schwimmer stopped off for a roadside taco, offering an unfortunate opportunity to show off her unflattering outfit

She's earned plenty of top marks on Dancing With The Stars, but today Lacey Schwimmer didn't score well in the style stakes.

The professional performer, 23, left rehearsals with her partner Chaz Bono in a pair of Seventies-style high-waisted jeans that did nothing to flatter her shapely body.

And see-through black top which was open at the back exposed a mismatching green bra.

Decisions: Still struggling with her choice, Lacey was joined by reality partner Chaz Bono , who was clearly feeling a little peckish too

The denim trousers were clinging to her figure in all the wrong places and not even her sheer top was enough to distract from the frumpy look.

She is not the first star to experience a fashion misstep in high-waisted jeans.

Fellow reality star and singer, Jessica Simpson, famously sported a similar pair of mom jeans when she performed at a chili cook off in Florida in January, 2009.

Weighty issue: Lacey's seventies jeans do nothing to flatter her curvaceous figure

Lacey is now in full swing ahead of the show's debut next week.

Her partner Chaz, Cher's transgender child, will compete against the likes of Rob Kardashian, David Arquette and Ricki Lake.

Chaz has faced criticism about his decision to sign on to the show as its first transgender contestant.

Mom jeans: Lacey Schwimmer stepped out in unflattering high-waisted jeans after rehearsing with reality partner Chaz Bono for Dancing With The Stars today

source: dailymail

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