Infuriating: Lucien Laviscount's serial flirting in the Celebrity Big Brother house, most recently with Amy Childs, has started to annoy his fellow housemates

Darryn Lyons hit out at Lucien Laviscount on Celebrity Big Brother last night, telling him he should stop his serial flirting.

After Lucien and Amy spent the night in bed together, the Waterloo Road actor was discussing things with housemate Darryn in the garden.

But paparazzo Darryn told the 19-year-old he thinks Lucien is getting something of a name for himself through his flirting in the house.

Cheeky: The pair took part in some dirty dancing in the garden as Amy continued to keep Lucien guessing about their relationship

He told Lucien: 'You have tried to get into everyone's bed. you have crawled into bed with three birds - Pamela on the first night, Kerry on the third night, in the middle between that you tried Tara and then Amy!

The only one you didn't try to get into bed with was Sally, and that was because she was married. You have been very tactical with the way you have maneuvered between the sheets - that's what the girls will think. You do put it about!'

But Lucien looked thoroughly unhappy with Darryn's comments, asking: 'Seriously? Do you think Amy thinks that?'

What's going on? Amy can't seem to make up her mind about whether or not she likes Lucien

Lucien and Darryn's discussion came just hours after Lucien kissed Kerry before getting into bed with Amy.

However, in a conversation with Big Brother in the Diary Room, Amy insisted she doesn't even find Lucien attractive.

She said: 'I don't fancy Lu. I really get on well with him and we have a little flirt but that's all it is. It's just fun, banter, and a bit of flirting.

'I thought something was going on between Kerry and Lucien! You've got more chance of Kerry and Lucien than me and Lucien because I don't think i could be with Lucien.'

But it seemed to be a different story later in the evening as housemates enjoyed a 90s themed party, with Lucien and Amy pretending to dirty dance in the garden.

You've got into bed with three women! Darryn Lyons pointed out Lucien's serial flirting, but the Waterloo Road actor denied doing anything wrong

Later, sitting on the sofas with their fellow housemates, the pair discussed their relationship, with Amy keeping her cards close to her chest.

She told Lucien: 'What I'm looking out for is my ex-boyfriend. I have only just come out of a relationship. I'll talk to you properly when we get out. When I get out of here, I'm going to show you Essex.'

Amy then told the rest of her housemates: 'With me and Lu it's nothing serious, we're having a laugh!'

However, Lucien seemed to think of their relationship in higher regard, telling Amy: 'I think you're a wicked girl, I'd like to spend more time with you.'

The show began with Kerry teasing Amy and Lucien about their love-in in the bedroom, giggling: 'Morning my little lovebirds!'

Nothing happened! While Lucien said the pair kissed, Amy denied doing anything with him under the covers

But when Amy discussed what had happened with Lucien as she sat in the garden with her fellow housemates, she insisted: 'When we were in bed together he told me to face him and I said no. Nothing happened, it was just a cuddle. I don't snog my mates, put it that way!'

In a separate discussion later on, Lucien told Darryn: 'Nothing happened, we were tops and tailed. we fell straight to sleep. i woke up this morning and thought, "what are these orange-tastic feet doing in my bed?" '

However, in the Diary Room, Lucien admitted he was starting to have feelings for Amy.

He said: 'You know what, Amy is a solid girl and as time has gone on, I've seen more and more of her and she's cool.

Girl power! Amy, Kerry, Edward and Lucien made up girlband Kela in the Battle of the Bands task

Boys are best: Darryn, Bobby, Paddy and John formed Take This for the task

'Sorry if i made a right plonker of myself. I was just having a laugh but there was something behind it as well. Last night, and a couple of nights before that, I've thought, "hmmm".'

Kerry, who joked that her heart had been broken by Lucien and Amy's blossoming romance, also went to the Diary Room to talk about the night before.

She said: 'I don't think anything went on but there's definitely something blossoming between them. the kids are getting together. they are both loving it, it's wicked.'

Belting it out: The 'girls' wore matching combat trousers as they performed All Saints' Never Ever

Reach for the stars: Take This performed Take That's Relight My Fire wearing bizarre leather outfits

For the day's task, the housemates were divided into two groups for a mammoth Battle of the Bands task.

While Paddy, Darryn, Bobby and John formed a boyband, Take This, Kerry, Amy, Lucien and Edward made up a girlband.

Each band were told they must rehearse and perform a classic 90s pop song, which will be recorded and posted on the Celebrity Big Brother website. And the video that gets the most hits will win the band a superstar experience.

Enjoying yourself? Darryn appeared to be enjoying the task a little too much

But as Darryn started talking about the choreography, John disagreed with some of the moves the group should do.

And Darryn was also struggling with learning the lyrics, asking John for advice on how to pick up the words before having a de-stressing cigarette.

After recording the track, the guys took turns in the Diary Room telling Big Brother about their experience.

Darryn said: 'My lead vocal isn't as good as Gary Barlow's, but I gave it my best.

John is a very talented kid and I'm sure his moves are going to put me, Paddy and Bobby to shame. What we lacked in professionalism, we made up in enthusiasm.'

Wet and wild: Amy stood under a watering can to film some extra shots for the girls' video

And Paddy added: 'Couldn't sing to save my life or to save my children. Darryn was just the best laugh in the world, especially that leather thing he was wearing.'

John concluded: 'I think I'm going to do what Robbie Williams did and go solo and take over the world. But don't tell the other members of Take This.'

Over in the girl group, Kela, the group were learning the lyrics to All Saints' Never Ever.

Talking about working with former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry, Amy said: 'Kerry Katona took control of the band and I think she was good at putting us all together.

Out and about: Newly-evicted housemate Tara Reid pretended to kick photographers as she messed around outside London's May Fair Hotel last night

'But oh my God, could you imagine me being a popstar? i can't sing to save my life! It was brilliant though. I think Kela has got a chance of hitting the top spot, I reckon we could be number one!'

And Kerry admitted she had enjoyed the task a lot more than she thought she would.

She said: 'I got so lost in the moment, I think I took it a little bit too seriously but I loved it, it was great being back in a girlband. All Saints would be put to shame! I thought we were brilliant, and Amy had the best vocals ever.'

Edward, who took on the alter ego of Britney for the task, added: 'My inner Britney and Shakira came out of me. I was shaking my hips and it was brilliant!'

And Lucien concluded: 'I felt very elegant and ladylike. I felt like i was trying to be a woman.'

After the recording, the groups were given props to use for additional shots for their video. The groups will now have to wait and see which of their videos gets the most hits on the Big Brother website.

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source: dailymail

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