Say what? Demi Lovato spends her 19th birthday on a beer run with a male friend

Demi Lovato only turned 19 today, so what was the underage singer doing on a 2 am beer run?

The recently rehabbed starlet was photographed at a Los Angeles 7-11 just before 2am this morning where the mystery man she arrived with purchased a 12-pack of Miller Lite beer.

'Demi and her friend made sure to get in there right before the alcohol cut-off time,' a source tells the MailOnline.

Happy birthday: The now 19-year-old ran into a 7-11 at two o'clock this morning

'He paid, but they were definitely together. They got into the same car and he drove to Demi's house with the beer for an afterparty.'

Her mystery man was sported tattoos with a rocker-boy style of chains, black jeans and a V-necked T-shirt.

Mystery man: Who is Demi's new male friend?

Leaving her actual birthday party at LA's Pinz bowling alley en route to the convenience store, the brunette beauty looked a bit worse for the wear.

Her black lace bra was clearly visible in several places through her orange tank top. Huge cross earrings and a black vest completed her messy outfit.

Wardrobe malfunction: Demi's bra slips out of her tank after her 19th birthday party at LA's Pinz bowling alley

source: dailymail

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