Heart to heart: Sally Bercow 'touched wood' when Paddy Doherty said it was good her marriage to John Bercow had survived his high-profile job

Sally Bercow's decision to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house didn't go down well with her Speaker husband John.

But when housemate Paddy Doherty suggested it was good their marriage had survived his high-profile political role and her outspoken tweeting, she didn't look so confident.

During a heart-to-heart in the garden with Paddy, Sally lamented about how hard it had been since her husband John had become Speaker two years ago.

When the My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings star told her she was very self-critical of herself, Sally replied: 'It's only since John became speaker, I'm expected to do certain things.

'When I tweeted about Big Brother, loads of people were like "You're going to bring the Speaker down."'

When Paddy suggested it was 'good your marriage doesn't break up', she touched wood and said: 'God forbid!'

She added: 'It's difficult being the wife of a politician because you're expected to behave a certain way. I'd love to be one, but I couldn't hack it.'

'I'm expected to do certain things': Sally claimed she felt restricted by her husband's job

Sally is up for eviction in this Friday's show and is convinced she'll be the first to leave.

Earlier that day, she had a go at Jedward, accusing them of using all her shampoo.

She ranted: 'You used all my shampoo and your hair still looks c**p... On Planet Jedward nothing matters, except their hair.'

Last night's episode started off with paparazzo Darryn Lyons waking up to find the kitchen a mess after Lucien and Bobby's late night prank.

Rude awakening: One of the twins and Paddy don't react well when they're woken by a noisy alarm and lights

Unfairly, Jedward got the initial blame, until the housemates began to blame Big Brother for putting chickpeas in the cornflakes.

'On Planet Jedward nothing matters... except their hair': Sally was unimpressed when the twins used all her shampoo

When Bobby and Lucien were called to the Diary Room and asked by Big Brother if they'd been naughty, they admitted they had.

During an afternoon conversation in the garden, Katona alleged she had been hacked by News Of The World journalists before the tabloid's demise.

While acknowledging they helped her rise to fame, she also blamed them for ruining her career for publishing her drug scandal photos, leading to Iceland cancelling their contract with her.

She said: 'They literally destroyed what career I had left... I think they made me more famous than Atomic Kitten... I was a bit of a f**k up anyway.'

She also addressed the infamous This Morning episode in 2008, insisting her slurring was down to her bipolar medication.

Reliving the past: Kerry Katona recalled her infamous appearance on This Morning, when she appeared to be slurring on TV

But she addressed coming off the drugs 'it was like a cloud had been lifted... I'm not on my medication any more.'

Throughout the day, Amy shared various inane conversations with John and Edward.

When she asked them if they could drive, they replied: 'We can drive, but we don't have a driver's licence. I haven't done (the test yet).'

Another one saw one of the twins asking Amy if she would be their Bond girl if they were James Bond.

Crude: Amy refused to use the dishcloth, claiming one of the female housemates had used it to clean her nether regions

However, they were soon shot down when she declared: 'You're more like Britney than James Bond.'

When the duo were doing the washing-up later, she confused them when she claimed one of the dish cloths had been used to wash someone's nether regions.

She said: 'Someone's been washing their vag' with that... their Minnie... it's not clean... because its on the floor.'

Bonding over their respective failed marriages, Pamela admitted she'd never had a one-night stand, while Kerry confessed she had one when 'I was only a kid... I was young.'

Paranoid: Tara believes Darryn hates her and would 'poison' her... but then clears the air

Meanwhile, Tara was growing paranoid about Darryn 'hating her'.

Speaking to fellow housemates in the garden, she said: 'He's the hardest on me all the time. He's got a vendetta against me all the time. Its obvious.'

When Sally interjected: 'Darryn's a man's man. I don't think he relates to women...'

Tara replied: 'I honestly think he'd poison my food... I don't give a s**t but if he's trying to get to me it's working a little bit.'

Getting creative: Pamela turns a bedsheet into a dress for the Midsummer's Night Dream-themed fashion show

How do I look?: The twins measure each other up for their creations

She eventually decided to confront him in the kitchen, when he insisted he didn't have a problem with her and he had been joking, explaining: 'It's my weird sense of humour.'

Next the group were set a task in honour of Sally's infamous bedsheet photoshoot, to create a fashion show in the theme of a Midsummer's Night Dream.

As male model Bobby sashayed down the catwalk with his top bare - both Amy and Tara were spotted giving him a good look.

Strike a pose: Amy looks vacant as she sashays down the make-shift catwalk

Going Native: Tara was inspired by Pocahontas for her design

Sally described Jedward's bizarre outfits as 'Superman meets Lois Lane'.

Describing her own bedsheet outfit to Big Brother in the Diary Room, she said: 'This is the classic bedsheet. Any one can to do this at home. I'm so pleased I can showcase my designs.

'I hope my husband who I love very much will be proud of his fashion designer wife.'

Missing his missus: Paddy paid tribute to his wife Roseanne after missing the couple's 34th wedding anniversary

'A cross between Superman and Lois Lane': Jedward appeared to perform a contemporary dance on the catwalk

Clearly having a bit of fun teasing the twins, Amy suggested Jedward should join her for a night-time cuddle.

Edward said: 'A-OK. I'll probably take you down and you wanna escape... I'll probably break you. Knock you in half... I didn't turn her down, I'm making her want more.'

When he eventually changed his mind and climbed in next to her, he played up to the room: 'Shall we go under the sheet and go for it... it's so warm under here. What pants are you wearing? She's got no pants on.'

Predicable: Sally admitted she knew there would be a bedsheet-themed task in the house

'I hope my husband's proud': Sally sent a message to her husband following her fashion show

Amy appeared to get carried away and start imagining them as a couple in a weekly magazine shoot: 'Could you imagine me and John in OK! magazine?'

She then tried to stir up the twins by accusing Edward of putting his hand on one of her surgically-enhanced breasts, he replied: 'My hand's here. They're not on your boobs.'

After they were joined by John, Darryn suggested Amy date both of them.

But Edward was horrified: 'You can't go out with two people at the same time.'

Cosy: Amy snuggles up to John (right) and Edward (left) in bed

source: dailymail

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