Sorry, and you are? Jedward were almost unrecognisable today in the Celebrity Big Brother house after decided to ditch their quiffs and have flat hair for the day

It's a sight akin to the moment Dorothy pulls back the curtain to reveal that the fearsome Wizard Of Oz is just a meek and mild man with a microphone.

But Celebrity Big Brother fans weren't seeing things today - Jedward really did have flat hair.

The 19-year-old twins made the momentous decision to ditch their infamous quiffs for one day only after realising they had to wash their hair on camera.

Don't block the sink: The pair had made the momentous decision after washing each other's hair in the morning

Suits you: The pair then tried out numerous different hairstyles

The pair had to gird their loins however, and spent some time geeing themselves up in the CBB house bathroom to work up the courage to rinse all the hairspray and gel out of their dos and go au naturel.

Public unmasking: The pair realised that they'd have to be seen without their usual hairstyles as they had to wash their hair on camera

The boys - real names John and Edward Grimes - eventually decided that the time was right and said: 'We can do this, are you ready?'

To which the twin getting rinsed in what had temporarily become the Jedward salon said worriedly: 'Get more shampoo!'

Drama: The pain of going without their quiffs was etched on their faces for all to see

Hair raising: The twins love their usual style so much they gave housemate Kerry Katona the same do yesterday

The washer assured him: 'I'm going to get as much shampoo as I can. How much shampoo do you need? Okay you stay here, I'm going to get even more shampoo.'

However, the washee then suddenly became increasingly brave, and declared: 'We should have our hair flat today.'

His brother gasped: 'Yeah?'

But his sibling was resolute. 'Totally.'

And so it was decided, with Jedward declaring: 'Today's a big day! Our hair's flat!'

They were then interrupted from their flat hair revelations when The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs slunk in wearing just a towel and with her hair in curlers after having a shower.

What a lovely pair: Amy Childs and Lucian Lasviscount were pretending to be a couple today - and avoiding the paparazzi

He loves me, he loves me not: Lucien was pretending to be infatuated with Amy - or was he?

Historical romance: The pair appeared to be in character as Anthony and Cleopatra

Amy was perhaps making sure she looked at her best for Coronation Street star and fellow housemate Lucien Lasviscount.

Both of them said they'd be up for romance in the house before then went in - and it seems their fellow contestants are keen to see them paired off as a couple.

As the inmates larked around in the garden, paparazzi boss Darryn Lyons gushed: 'Don't they make a lovely couple?' and then pretended to be back at work and asked them to pose together.

Love is in the air: Paddy Doherty also got a call from his long-suffering wooo-man as it was their wedding anniversary

Lucien seemed more than happy to put his arms around Amy's shoulders and waist, but then TOWIE star Amy jokingly squealed: 'Oh my god, there's a pap!' and the pair pulled apart.

The spent the rest of the day play-acting that they were in fact a couple - with Lucien pretending to be infatuated with the redheaded beautician, while wearing an interesting wig.

And in other romantic CBB news, Paddy Doherty got a call from his long-suffering wife today - on what was their wedding anniversary.

The latest Celebrity Big Brother round-up is on tonight on Channel Five at 10pm.

Day 4: Jedward Hair Care

source: dailymail

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