Adorable: A four-week old baby takes a nap on a pink blanket

Some would argue that sleep is a foreign concept for most newborn babies - but not according to these incredible pictures.

Tiny children, some just days old, have been pictured in various states of blissful repose and the results are adorable.

One 13-day-old girl lies on a flower bed, another rests its chin on its hand as if contemplating the mysteries of life.

Pensive: This 13-day-old baby girl looks like she has a lot to think about

Further pictures show a baby resting in a plant pot, eyes tight shut, and one snuggled up in a small white basket - with a little hat to keep it's head warm.

They have all been taken by photographers Yvonne Watt and Fiona Potter of Fusion Baby Photography in Strathblane, Glasgow.

The pair ask clients to bring in babies between four and ten days-old so that they can produce a picture to capture the very earliest stage of their lives.

Peaceful: A baby Fairy Queen asleep in her crown, aged just under two weeks

Comfortable: A 13-day-old baby girl takes a nap in a little flower nest

Ms Watt said: 'This special time comes along only once in the lifetime of a child.

Before we know it, this stage is finished and we move on. People come to us because they want to capture this moment and savour it forever.'

The photographers manage to get the babies to sleep because they make them as comfortable as possible, using blankets made of natural fibres.

Carried away: A baby girl wearing a cosy hat takes a nap in a little basket

Blossoming: A baby girl even managed to get some shut eye in this large pot

The women have five children between them so realise the importance of capturing the early moments before it is too late.

Ms Watt said: 'Often there is so much that is new going on people may overlook the importance of sitting down and doing something special to record this time.

'I didn't do this myself but now at least I have the chance to give other new parents this opportunity.'

source: dailymail

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