Flying: Jennifer Lopez had total confidence that the crowd would catch her

It's only been weeks since the shocking announcement that J-Lo was splitting from husband Marc Anthony.

Yet it seems the Get Right singer has thrown herself back into work with a positive spirit, celebrating her new-found freedom with a fun video for her upcoming single Papi.

The singer has been taking an acrobatic approach to the shoot, crowd surfing, flipping over mid-air, and riding on the shoulders of various hunky helpers in downtown Los Angeles.

Riding high: Jennifer Lopez looked like she was having a blast filming her forthcoming video Papi

Beaming: The singer managed to keep smiling the whole time even in her precarious position

At one point she did what looked like a hand stand on top of the crowd, demonstrating a great deal of bravery and putting a lot of faith in their hands.

And the 42-year-old singer looked years younger as she rode on the shoulders of a gorgeous man.

Wearing a simple white crop top and shorts combo which showed off her flat stomach and accentuated her tanned skin, the singer managed to lip-sync along while maintaining perfect balance and a beaming smile throughout.

Dismount: J-Lo bravely leapt down with the help of a couple of burly extras- tricky in those heels!

At one point Jennifer was even flipped on her side, lying horizontally across the shoulders of yet another handy hunk.

And yet more burly helpers were on hand to help the star dismount- which must have been especially difficult given her trademark high heels.

So You Think You Can Dance choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha D'Umo (otherwise known as Nappytabs) were on hand to help during the shoot.

The husband and wife team have been credited with developing a new brand of hip-hop dance coined 'lyrical hip-hop', so no doubt we can expect some sleek moves from this offering.

Careful! J-Lo was flipped horizontal at one stage, the singer using her arms for balance

Papi is an upbeat dance number, sure to get crowds moving with the lyrics: 'Put your hands up in the air, Dance for your man if you care.'

Jennifer seemed in a great mood, launching straight into a routine as soon as she dismounted from her various carriers.

Regrouping: Jennifer looked a little flustered back on solid ground, but soon regained her cool

For a moment she looked a little flustered to be back on solid ground, but she soon regained her cool, giving the steely J-Lo look familiar from many of her videos.

Other scenes in the video include shots of the singer walking across the road, standing by a fruit stall and driving a cream Fiat 500.

Bust a move: It looked like J-Lo switched immediately to a dance routine once back on the ground

Feeling fruity: As well as the vigorous dance routine Jennifer was also seen standing with a sultry look on her face next to a fruit stall

Where's the driver? The singer was also seen driving a cream Fiat 500 around the streets in another shot for the new video

The mother-of-two was also seen spending time between takes with her little brood Emme and Max and the children looked more than comfortable on set.

And when time allowed the singer also ensured she was looking her best and topped up on her makeup as well as ensuring her hair was styled correctly.

Model mummy: When a break in filming allowed Jennifer made the most of her spare time spending it with her children Max and Emme

source: dailymail

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