Imran Khan continues his fight!

The passing of the State Government of India’s new law to increase the age limit for alcohol consumption to 25 stirred up a whirlwind of opposition from the youth. And one in particular was the industry’s very own Imran Khan, who had announced that he would file a PIL against the new law.

Incidentally, the law was passed a little before the release of Delhi Belly. However, Imran, who is busy with the promotions of his next film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, has yet to act on his words.

It has been more than a month and a half and a honeymoon later, but the actor asserts that he has not forgotten to attend to the issue.

When contacted, Imran told, “There has been a lot of progress on that. I have been doing extensive research on the law. In fact, there are certain things I want to bring to notice. I would advice people to file an RTI about the law to find out some facts. I had filed an RTI and that is when I came across these facts.”

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