All is calm: Amy Childs has happily sunbathing in the garden with housemates Bobby Sable and Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff before she was rudely interrupted

Sharing a confined space with Jedward, the housemates of Celebrity Big Brother must have known it would be a trying situation.

But the twins' inconsiderate and childish behaviour sank to new depths yesterday when John Grimes decided to pull down Amy Childs' bikini bottoms.

Having decided to host their own chat show in the living room, the impatient 19-year-olds demanded their fellow housemates drop what they were doing immediately to watch the 'show'.

Not so funny: The former Only Way Is Essex star was furious when John came over and pulled up her bikini bottoms when she politely declined to go and watch their faux chat show

However, bikini-clad Amy suggested they watch it later because she and the other housemates were enjoying relaxing in the sun.

As twins John and Edward repeatedly whined for their housemates to watch them 'now', their impatience soon spilled over into the inappropriate 'joke'.

John rushed forward to Amy and grabbed her pink polka-dot bikini bottom, flashing her backside to those nearby.

Unhappy: Amy vents her frustrations at John after he apologises for pulling her bikini bottoms

Thank God for the gym: Amy said she was pleased her bottom was toned or the bikini incident could have been worse

As an embarrassed Amy shouted the F-word at them and retreated inside the house, witness Darryn Lyons leaped to her defence.

He shouted: 'That's bloody disgraceful. Apologise, you don't to that to a woman... Amy's lying face down and went to the back of her bikini bottoms and pulled them up.

Repulsed: Darryn Lyons took the twins to task and declared 'they need a b**dy good spanking'

Darryn replied: 'No, that's disgusting. No one does that to a woman... Whether or not they've got the minds of a two-year-old or not. They need to learn.'

Sally interjected: 'I'm not defending them, but I don't think they meant any harm. I just don't think they engaged their brain.'

After visiting Big Brother in the Diary Room, Amy made peace with John.

She told him: 'What you did, babe, like literally, I haven't even toned up my bum or anything, like... just don't do it ever again.

It's all about Jedward: Tara Reid was the first guest on the Jedward chat show

'That was the only thing I was worried about... my bum coming out. Just be careful. It did p**s me off. But I do love you. Gimme a cuddle.'

As well as their inappropriate behaviour with Amy, they also announced they had spilled a large jar of coleslaw all over the floor and would 'clean it up later'... but decided their chat show was a priority, leaving Kerry Katona to do it before someone slipped on the food.

Jedward had already been trying their housemates' patience earlier in the day by making a mess in the kitchen while creating their homemade face mask and teasing Darryn that 'maybe' they would clean it up later.

Let's talk cleaning: Pamela declared the cleaning would 'just sort itself out', although the rest of the housemates agreed with Sally that they needed a rota

Complaining about how filthy the house was, Darryn ranted: 'They've got attention spans of a f**king mosquito... Those little f**king f**kers.'

Amy said to Sally: 'They're children aren't they?'

In the Diary Room, Sally complained she was surrounded by many people who had never done any domestic chores in their lives and she was sick of living in this 'gross mess'.

She said: 'Half of these people have drivers, have cooks and cleaners... I'm on the wrong show. I'm not a celebrity and it freaks me out.'

It burns: Edward and Tara ended up being covered in a homemade face mask, but had to wash it off when it started burning

When she called for a cleaning rota or system to be put in the place, Pamela insisted they didn't need one, things would just 'work themselves out'.

Sally disagreed and later remarked in the Diary Room: 'Pamela wants to be in control. She doesn't listen.'

Meanwhile, Lyons managed to win alcohol and party food for the group after passing a secret task.

Given a camera, he was told to take photos of the housemates without their knowledge to fit five headlines given to him by Big Brother.

Storm in a D cup: Darryn took this picture of Amy without her knowledge as part of his secret paparazzo task

Love is in the air: Big Brother accepted this photo of Lucien and Amy - with Jedward lying face down - would suit the caption

They included 'Storm in a D Cup, 'Love is in the air', 'When Paddy met Sally', 'Get Hoff Me', 'Oh brother where art thou', which he successfully managed.

When the pictures and the accompanying headlines were later screened in the house, most of the contestants found them funny - but Amy was confused by a photo of herself reading 'Storm in a D Cup'.

She said: 'I don't get it...'

'Get Hoff me': Lucien was encouraged by Darryn to go and grab Pamela - creating a perfect photo opportunity for Darryn

Good reaction: Pamela was in hysterics when she saw the photo of herself and Lucien

After some cigarettes and alcohol, male model Bobby appeared to come out of his shell and started being honest about his opinions of Amy and Darryn.

Addressing Lucien, who has been romantically linked to the Essex girl, Bobby said: 'I think she will bleed you dry. Don't go near her. She's a tabloid's dream. She's fit, she's a nice dream. The whole conceited relationship with Darryn. It's just f**k off...

'Darryn makes me angry because I respect him as a businessman, but he's an absolute p***k.'

Sally was clearly delighted at this open Bobby: 'I wished you opened up before. You should speak out. You could go really far in this show.'

Bobby lets rip: The male model speaks out on his opinions of Amy and Darryn

But he replied: 'You just think, bite your tongue, you don't want it to kick off and get all unpleasant.'

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Darryn, Kerry and Amy were discussing Bobby and their distrust of him.

Bobby then came into the bedroom and told Darryn: ''I respect you in some aspects and not in others. It's my own issue.'

Clearly unperturbed, the Australian replied: 'I know I've got strong points and bad points... What you see if what you get.'

Enjoying the bitching session: Sally told Bobby she wished he opened up before

Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Jedward & Amy Childs In Bed.

source: dailymail

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