X marks the spot: David Beckham's neck tattoo points in the direction of his apparent bald patch

We've seen him with centre partings, crew cuts, ponytails, cornrows and even a Mohawk.

But David Beckham’s many admirers are unlikely to copy what seems to be his latest style – the bald patch.

It could of course have been a trick of the light, but the 36-year-old soccer star nicknamed Goldenballs seemed to have a chink in his tonsorial armour as he carried his six-week-old daughter Harper into a Los Angeles restaurant.

Beckham, who at one time had a multi-million-pound sponsorship deal with Brylcreem, still chooses to grease back his hair.

A life in hairstyles: Clockwise from top left, the fresh-faced teenager with centre parting in 1995; England's Captain Mohawk in 2001 and his luxuriant blond locks in 2003, running wild and tamed into a ponytail

Unfortunately, this did little to conceal the area of skin apparently visible around the crown.

In a sketch for Comic Relief last year alongside comedian James Corden, Beckham hinted that all was not well in the hair department.

As Corden pretended to style his thatch, he said: ‘I’m losing it a little bit there.’

Yesterday, award-winning hairdresser Karine Jackson said: ‘As a woman I love to look at David Beckham’s hair and I was a bit shocked to see this.

Mother's pride: David and Victoria were taking their six-week-old daughter Harper to a Los Angeles restaurant

The couple were accompanied to the restaurant by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey and his family

‘Certainly, he has been thinning over the last ten years. However, we have seen photographs of him in the ocean recently and if he was going bald you would have noticed it before.

‘Indeed, a particular bald patch is very rare in male pattern baldness so it could be a trick of the light.

'Alternatively, it could be a temporary loss caused by, for example, bruising from a football match.’

Keeping things under his hat: Beckham kept his bald patch hidden under a baseball cap as he went surfing in Malibu with his sons yesterday

Surf's up: Beckham keeps a close eye on Romeo as he hangs out on the board

If Beckham is going bald, perhaps he should seek advice from his friend Gordon Ramsay, who recently invested £30,000 in a hair transplant.

The celebrity chef joined Beckham surfing over the weekend at Malibu in California, where the former England captain and his family are renting Steven Spielberg’s beach house for the summer at £93,000 a month.

The men were joined on the beach by Beckham’s sons Romeo, eight, and six-year-old Cruz, and Ramsay’s wife Tana.

Windy weather: Becks clambers up the rocks while his three sons paddle in the water on the windy day

source: dailymail

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