Scheming: Bobby Sabel launched an unprovoked attack on Amy Childs last night, warning Lucien Laviscount she would 'bleed him dry'

Male model Bobby Sabel has launched an attack on reality TV star Amy Childs, warning Lucien Laviscount to stay away from her because 'she'll bleed you dry for everything you're worth'.

Sabel, who is up for eviction this Friday, told Waterloo Road star Laviscount he should steer clear of The Only Way Is Essex beauty Amy.

And, in his unprompted attack, Sabel also refused to call Amy by name, instead referring to her as 'it'.

Be warned: Lucien didn't seem to know what to make of Bobby's out-of-character ranting

He told Laviscount: 'I think she’s absolutely using you. She’d make money out of the press - I think she'll bleed you dry for everything you're worth.

'Don't go near it. You're smarter than that, you don't need it.'

However, when she found out about Sabel's comments, Childs revealed she thought the attack was a blatant attempt from the model to save himself from eviction.

Still going: But Bobby's warning didn't stop Lucien and Amy from flirting and cuddling up this morning

Give us a cuddle! Amy and Lucien have been flirting since they went in to the Big Brother house

She told Darryn Lyons: 'It's okay. He's been quiet. He hasn't said boo to anyone so just let him have his five minutes of air time. That's what he's after.'

The row is likely to mean the end of the budding friendship between Sabel and Childs, who had earlier sparked romance rumours when they had enjoyed a romantic session together in the sauna.

Also, before going into the house, Sabel had admitted he had something of a crush on the TOWIE star.

He said: 'Amy Childs is a very pretty girl. I have never met her before so I don’t know if sparks will fly between us, but she is beautiful.'

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However, Childs told fellow housemate Kerry Katona that the feeling wasn't mutual, telling her: 'I'm fussy, honey!' when asked if she found Sabel attractive.

But Childs' mother Julie said Sabel was definitely her type, adding to new magazine: 'Bobby is probably her type, she will probably like how he looks.

'She is a little but flirtatious but she won't be kissing anyone in there. She would have to get to know him.'

Meanwhile, Sabel's warnings don't seem to have changed Laviscount's opinions of Childs, as the pair were spotted cuddling up and flirting last night.

But while Sabel is no doubt hoping his words on last night's show might help him stay in the show for another week, Celebrity Big Brother fans appear to have cottoned on to his plan.

One fan was quoted as telling the Daily Star: 'His rant doesn't put him in a very good light, it smacks a little bit of bullying.

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'We've seen this happen many times before in Big Brother. As soon as a housemate is up for the chop, they start to get desperate.

'He's turned on Amy to try to steal her thunder, but it looks like suicide to me.'

It wasn't only Childs who Sabel managed to provoke with his ranting last night.

He also let rip at Lyons, saying: 'Darryn makes me angry because I respect him as a businessman as he’s successful, but I think he’s an absolute ****.

Friends no more? Bobby's rant is likely to have affected his friendship with Amy

'I don’t like him. Darryn has no right slagging Jedward off, without them you’d be bored! He makes me angry because he is smart enough to know not to do that, but he does.'

And Katona also came under fire, with Sabel saying: 'I don’t want to be friends with Kerry. I absolute do not!

'At times, Kerry’s an entertainer. That’s what she does. But I don’t like who she is. She wants to criticise John and Edward because they’re throwing an orange across the garden and she’s scared it will hit her. She said “I wouldn’t let my kids do that” but she’s nasty.'

Sabel is up against Katona and Sally Bercow in this week's eviction.

source: dailymail

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