Julia Roberts' Brother Checks into Celebrity Rehab!
Celebrity Reheb
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Celebrity Rehab

Looking for the name of the song and band that was on the Celebrity Rehab commercial this AM on VH1. some of the lyrics- "they lost their dream, they lost their edge". It was a band- looked all male, and appeared to be for this season as Dennis Rodman was in the commercial.

Listen up, Reality Fans: On Sunday, VH1 announced the new cast lineup that will appear on the beleaguered fourth season of Celebrity Rehab. A host of stars including Janice Dickinson and Jeremy London have signed up for the fourth installment of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, VH1 has announced.

Rachel Uchitel, who is (in)famed for her extra marital relationship with golfer Tiger Woods and actor David Boreanaz both of whom were married then, has checked into VH1′s Celebrity Rehab hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky.
Rachel Uchitel Celebrity Rehab for Pills n Love Addiction
Rachel Uchitel (Youtube)
TMZ said Rachel Uchitel is to be treated for addicting pills who US Magazine claimed she needs Celebrity Rehab for love addiction.

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