Fake, fake, fake: Bobby Sabel rants about Darryn Lyons during an early morning chat with Big Brother

During his first few days in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Bobby Sable kept himself to himself.

But after quickly tiring of many of his housemates, the male model hasn't held back when it comes to describing Darryn Lyons, Kerry Katona and Amy Childs.

Despite lengthy bitching sessions about the trio, he is yet to tell any of them exactly what he thinks.

After a half-heartened confrontation in the bedroom with paparazzo Darryn, Bobby let rip in the Diary Room exactly what he thought about the Australian.

He told Big Brother: 'Darryn has p**sed me off the core... If you wanna be a big fat f**k with abs on the outside... the guy's so fake.

'He's 46, he's got a pink Mohawk, he's got fake abs, he drives a Lamborghini... then you look underneath and you see this bloke. You think what's left of you? You're a product.'

Holding back: Bobby listened to Kerry Katona complain about how hard it was to find a boyfriend, before later branding her a 'moron'

Later that evening, Bobby held his true opinions back when Kerry complained how difficult it was to find a man.

The mother-of-four said anyone she ever meets always ends up splashed across magazines and tabloids.

The 30-year-old said: 'Its impossible to date a guy quietly. They tell a friend and someone ends up selling their story. I could have my own Jeremy Kyle show.'

'She's driving me insane': Bobby launches into a tirade against Kerry to one of the Big Brother cameras

Bobby looked ready to interject, but said he was going to speak to Big Brother, but instead spoke directly to one of the cameras situated in another area.

He said: ''Sweet girl, entertaining at times, but a complete f**king moron.

'She's driving me insane. No wonder she can't get a man. She's gross... not to look at... her manner is gross.

'This place is driving me bonkers': Bobby declared to the cameras he was struggling to share space with so many people he disliked

'I don't think these people have a lot of respect for themselves. Grown men and women acting like children.

'Who would have thought Tara Reid would be the nicest girl in here. Thought I would come in here and fancy Amy Childs. I just don't. How could you? This place is driving me bonkers.'

And it appears the feeling is mutual when it comes to the former Only Way Is Essex star.

In the morning, she told both Darryn and Lucien she didn't like Bobby: 'He's a bug... he's bugging me.'

No love lost: Darryn Lyons declared Bobby was 'uninteresting'

Despite their conversation in the bedroom the previous night, when Bobby told Darryn there were some things about him he didn't like, the Australian told Big Brother he felt like they'd cleared the air.

He said in the Diary Room: 'I was really impressed that he got up enough fortitude to talk and actually get his emotions out. He's very uninteresting... I'm not saying that in a nasty way. He's just very boring.'

While Bobby was finding himself getting angry, Tara was growing emotional by the growing tension in the house.

Emotional: Tara Reid broke down twice - firstly over her dog and then over the growing tension in the house

Earlier in the day she broke down when discussing how much she loved her dog.

She said: ''I think my dog taught me how to love. It's such a crazy love. That's why people get so addicted to their animals.'

She later broke down in the garden and was comforted by Sally, before John came over and told her to 'pull yourself together... feelings aren't cool'.

Sally interjected: 'Feelings are cool. Emotions are cool.'

Comfort: Sally Bercow comforted Tara after assuring her 'emotions are cool' after Jedward told her to 'pull herself together'

Tara explained she didn't like the bad feeling in the house and she was 'shaking inside' with nerves over a possible fight about to kick off.

She lamented: 'It's getting scary... I could lose my career in here. I could never work again.'

Meanwhile, Sally was again clashing with Pamela again after the American made an unusual lunch dish with steak, bacon, vegetables and Caesar salad dressing.

Darryn was stunned: 'Salad dressing on meat? I've never had Caesar salad with meat.'

Yuck: Not many of the housemates wanted to eat Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff's bizarre dish of steak, bacon, vegetables and Caesar salad dressing

Pamela tried to explain: 'I'm improvising. Italian.. French... it's to tenderise the meat.'

Sally didn't hold back: 'That looks disgusting Pamela, I hope you don't mind me saying.'

Pamela let Sally's comment wash over her: 'Thank you.'

Darryn and Sally then informed Tara, Paddy and Kerry about Pamela's interesting lunch.

Interesting: Pamela tucks into her unusual dish but one of the twins doesn't look so sure

Sally said: 'It is gross what she made. It looks like dog food.'

Darryn explained: 'All that meat's been wasted... she can eat it. She's the worse cook in the world. It's bizarre. I think the boys are trying, but they'd eat motor oil.'

When Pamela came outside, Sally asked her if she'd enjoyed her dish, to which she replied that she did.

When Pamela commented how rude it was of Sally to describe her lunch as disgusting, the latter replied: 'The best thing for me to do is bulls**t right Pamela? Because bulls**t is best?'

No more Jedward: John and Edward Grimes were horrified when Big Brother said she was splitting them up

Big Brother decided to force Jedward to mix with the other housemates more by splitting them up.

Calling the brothers into the Diary Room, they were asked to become 'John' and 'Edward' as individuals, while wearing coloured bodysuits with shock sensors inside, which would be set off if they get too close.

With John in the pink bodysuit and Edward in the blue, they kept their distance and told housemates different things about themselves.

Ouch: As part of their 'separate' task, the twins were buzzed with electric shocks if they got too close to each other

But when they got too close, Big Brother set off the electric shock buttons, sending them jumping around the garden to the amusement of other housemates.

After being called back to the Diary Room, housemates were tested to see if they could tell the difference between the boys, and when they did so successfully, were treated to a 'pop party' that night.

Bring on the party: The housemates congratulate John and Edward after they passed the 'Jedward' task

Meanwhile, Amy and John decided to entertain the house by getting married in an impromptu service.

A reluctant Darryn agreed to be the ringbearer after complaining: 'Ringbearer? That's for little girls to do.'

Wearing a strapless gown and carrying a small bouquet of flowers, Amy was walked down the aisle by 'dad' Paddy, with the service conducted by Pamela.

The blushing bride: Amy gets ready for her 'nuptials' to John

The first kiss: Amy puckers up to a reluctant John for their first kiss as 'husband and wife'

The Essex girl even managed to throw a 'shuuutttt upppp' into her wedding vow.

But John was reluctant to kiss Amy after they were pronounced husband and wife, leaving his 'bride' to make the first move.

I now pronounce you fake husband and wife: Pamela played clergywoman as she conducted the ceremony

Day 6 The official wedding video of John and Amy Celebrity Big Brother

source :dailymail

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