Walking the red carpet at Cannes is a cake walk for Bollywood celebrities these days. Right from Aishwarya Rai to Mallika Sherawat and Minnisha Lamba to Sonam Kapoor, all have graced the prestigious film festival held annually at the French city. And Aishwarya Rai has in a way been the face of India at Cannes.

However, Saif Ali Khan feels that representing India at Cannes is an honour for sure but to make an appearance independently is fruitless. On being quizzed why does he think Aishwarya Rai makes it a point to be at the event every year, Saif said, “Maybe because she is a pretty face.”Well…what was Saif trying to say! Was he trying to simply admire the light eyed lady’s beauty or was mocking the lady.Nonetheless, chote nawab feels it is important to showcase cinema made in India.

“I feel that, generally speaking, we make different kinds of films, there are commercial movies and there are also a lot of filmmakers who make arty movies and they should be competing here,” a daily quoted Saif as saying.

He feels Cannes provides a platform for the global film fraternity to exchange and share ideas.

“In my opinion, the ideal reason for going to Cannes would be to showcase a movie, but you can rent space also. The best way to be here is to have a film competing in the festival. According to me these international film festivals are about different members and stars from various countries getting together,” Saif told the daily.

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