On the termination of British rule over the Sub-continent, two independent States, Pakistan and India, emerged in August, 1947. In view of geographyical, religious and historical links the people of Jammu & Kashmir State demanded freedom from he rule of Maharaja Hari Singh nd the accession of the state of Pakistan. The Maharaja, ignoring the wishes of the Muslim majority instead entered into an unfortunate conspiracy with Hindu leadership and acceded to India. This sparked the liberation movement of the Muslim population of the State against the Dogra and Indian forces in Kashmir, AS a result, a part of the state was liberated from the Dogra-cum-Indian domination in October 1947, and named Azad Jammu & Kashmir.


The existing population is composed of races claiming to be descendents of Semetics, Mongoloid, Aryans, Persians, Turksand Arabs. The culture of districts of Mirpur and Kotli resembles that of the adjoining area of Punjab while district Muzaffarabad has its own distinctive culture. The people of Poonch , Palandri, Bagh, Mirpur, Bhimber & Kotli are militants. The people of the State are intelligent, ingenious, hard working, mobile and skillful


Azad Kashmir is very rich in natural beauty. Its snow-covered peaks, dense forests, winding rivers, turbulant foaming streams, sweet- scented valleys, velvet green platues and climate varying from arctic to, tropical, all join together to make it an excellent tourist resort. Valleys like Neelum, Jhelum, Leepa, Rawalakote, Banjosa & Baghsar unfold delightful scenic beauty and provide a feast of pleasure to a discerning tourist’ eyes.


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