That's a fine photo of our beloved homeboy, and this is a good moment to remind everybody that The Stooges are being inducted into the cheese-whiz Rock & Roll HOF tonight, unless I have been badly misled.
Supposedly being telecast on Fuse. Gotta find out if my Dish Network package has Fuse. It's my wife & son who watch all the TV, around here. I don't know what the fuck we have and don't have.
The word was that they would perform a couple of tunes, and that's great. The part that bothered me was reading that they would join in on the big-ass jam at the end of the ceremony.
I hate that fuckin' thing, especially now that Bruce Springsteen-- who I have always seen as being a fuckin' tiresome blowhard-- seems to have taken on some kind of role as the front-man for said big-ass jam.
I really hope that Iggy & the boys excuse themselves out of that part of the deal. Or, in more suitable Stooge fashion, just say, "Oh Fuck No, no fucking way, have fun making clowns of yourselves, but we're outta here."

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