Mahabharath is an Epic. It portrays all the pains, all the jelous, all the love, all the kind and War -
and Geeta Saar

Mahabharata is not Greek mythology or Gladiator or Harry Potter or other Western mythology. Mahabharat is full of life – it deals with human emotions, it deals with everyday problems faced by human beings. It is not costumes or weapons that attract people to Mahabharata but the content – basically how a single flaw in one’s action changes the course of one’s life or the life of a family. That is why Vyasa said there is nothing that is not found in the Mahabharat. Unfortunately, the new Mahabharat has everything but lacks the soul of Mahabharata, which is Sanskar.

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Episode 71 - Arjun worships Durga,rules of war layed

Episode 72 - War begins and Arjun drops his weapons, geeta saar begins

Episode 73 - Geeta Saar part 2

Episode 74 - Geeta Saar and Krishna Maha Avtaar

Episode 75 - Yudhishthir gets blessings, Yuyutsu changes side and war begins, Abhimanyu faces Bhishma

Episode 76 - Uttar dies, Arjun faces bhishma and day 2 begins

Episode 77 - Arjun is unstoppable, 4th day begins, Bhim is surrounded, 10 Kauravs are killed, Krishna takes out his sudarshan

Episode 78 - 9th day is over and 16 kauravs are dead, Bhisma tells Arjun how to take him out of the war

Episode 79 - Bhishma lies on the Bed of Arrows, Karna meets Bhisma

Episode 80 - Day 11, Dron tries to capture Yudhishthir but is unsuccesful, Shantanu comes to Bhishma
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