Today we have great and wonderful technologies that we never and ever had. We can take pictures and we can edit them thorough our photoshop and great available google picasa softwares.

The photo is all about a fake daughter of aishwarya rai and abheshik bacchan
This is a kind of photo morphing. Just funny.. and the daughter is going to be a great actress by the year 2030.. :-)

Cannon camera.. New camera - its features..
Ok, now we finally have the much-anticipated full frame DSLR from Canon, expected as the replacement for 5D, it is not 3D nor 7D but 5D Mark II - this time it packed with a higher pixels sensor, this makes all Canon full frame DSLRs at 21MP. Is that a new trend and association set between "Full Frame" and "Higher Pixels"?

Though 5D Mark II comes with a new 21 MP sensor (similar to the sensor in the EOS-1Ds Mark III), DIGIC 4 and 1080p HD movie recording, many people were disappointed for its lacking of professional features, in particular, a more advanced AF system. Yes, 5D Mark II is rather a "conservative" design, that is actually a refinement/ catch-up revision - Canon intended to preserve the unique market segment, style and conventions already built by 5D.

On the other hand, Canon also quickly sent Sony a message - "New player is not welcome" - 5D Mark II just launched about a week after the announcement of the Sony Alpha 900, it has specifications and price tag set direct competition to the Alpha 900. Apparently, 5D Mark II is a well-marketed product, it avoids sitting in the same zone with the strong competitor like Nikon D700, but running into a higher pixels configuration to defense new challenge from the Sony Alpha 900.
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