Yesteryear’s diva Sridevi is planning to revive her South connections to launch her daughter Jhanavi in movies here. The actress who made it big first in the South and was paid more than the heroes in the 80s and 90s, is planning to launch her daughter in a couple of years. Though there were rumours that she was to launch Jhanavi with Tamil director Sashi of Nadodigal fame, the project didn’t materialise. Jhanavi is believed to be training as an actress.

Sridevi is believed to have put in a word with directors in the Telugu film industry to contact her if they find a suitable script to launch her daughter as heroine. The usually aloof Sridevi made it a point to fly down to Hyderabad all the way from Mumbai for the launch of RGV’s Telugu movie.The actress was seen bonding big time with her Tollywood directors and filmmakers. She spoke in Telugu and expressed a wish to revisit the city for the success meet of the movie later.

A beautiful actress's daughter has to become an actress with bang of openings.. That is the simple rule in India and keeping in tune with this trend, the eternal beauty Sridevi is grooming her elder daughter Jahnavi to become the next big heroine. The 13 year old Jahnavi would make her debut as a heroine at 16, exactly the same age at which Sridevi made her debut as a heroine. Apparently Jhanvi is on a strict diet to shed baby fat; this means no chocolates and ice creams. The young lady is also taking lessons in Classical dance, horse riding and swimming; skills that would be useful in a filmy career. Sridevi's able guidance is coming in handy to groom the young Jahnavi to be the next superstar of India!

Sources in film nagar say if Nagarjuna’s second son Akhil is launched into movies, the heroine will be Sridevi’s daughter Jhanavi.

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