Rakhi ka Swayamvar on NDTV Imagine is gearing many eye balls. It is fun to see of how far these remaining 13 contestants can go for their bride. Recently, two contestants were asked to prove their love by tattooing her name on their arms.
Rakhi was skeptical of two candidates on the show and consequently wanted Aamchi Mumbai’s Pranav Damle and Kripal Singh to undergo a tough testimony to prove their true feelings for her.

It struck Rakhi's mind that they have participated in Swayamvar only to gain fame and free publicity. To help Rakhi in the situation, Rakhi’s friend and guide on the show, Ram Kapoor came up with a brilliant idea to analyze these grooms.

He challenged both of them to get Rakhi’s name tattooed to prove their love for her. Kripal Singh backed out saying it will affect his future life in case Rakhi does not choose him, Pranav in order to prove his love and truthfulness towards Rakhi agreed to undergo the agonizing pain.

Hope the testimony and the result hepls Rakhi Sawant to make the apt choice.

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