The story begins with Ajay (manchu manoj babu Son of Mohan babu ) who is shunned by the big family of Mahendra Naidu (ahuti), the MP and noted person in Chittoor. Apparently, Ajay's father was the cause for this. Anyways, Mahendra Naidu has got a strong family feud with Seshadri Naidu (jayaprakash) and attacks happen on their family so he reluctantly calls Ajay to his house along with other family members. All hate him due to his father. Ajay meets his cousin Girija (sheena) and in no time, love happens. Meanwhile, the tussle between Seshadri Naidu and Mahendra Naidu gets violent and Ajay decides to intervene and resolve the problem once and for all. How he does that forms the rest of the story.

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03.Entamma Entamma

04.Girija Girija

05.Jum Garagara

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