Obituaries for this blog are coming thick and fast. While its pleasing to know that a lot many among you want this blog to continue, please understand that nothing is permanent. If there have been no updates here, its because the authors are busy with their personal life.

It's also a fact that this blog will come to an end sooner or later. However, that time has not arrived, yet!

For the next few days and weeks you can expect new updates. In most cases especially for celebs from South India, the photos have been contributed by a reader of this blog: Sree_USA.

And finally, the updates for the next few weeks have been posted using Blogger's automatic post scheduling which allows for posts to be published at a future time. So the images themselves might be old but they have been deliberately staggered over many number of days to keep the posts here fresh.

Oh and about the photos of the model in this post, her name is Arohi and she has been shot by fashion photographer Nitin Bedi ;) Here are couple more of her photo's

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