Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor is all busy showing some generosity towards his choreographer Ahmad Khan and family.While shooting a song for Pathshala, at US, Shahid made arrangements for Ahmad his wife Saira and two sons to take off for Disneyland.

The story is that, Ahmad had been promising his two sons Azaan and Subhan a trip to Disneyland for months. Earlier when they shot in the US for another Yashraj Film Bachna Ae Haseenon, he kept hoping there would be time. But he couldn't manage to get away. And this is where Shahid came to the rescue.

Talking about his experience, out of the one-month he spent in the US only 12 days were devoted to shooting the song. It wasn't even a dance song. It was a concept number showing the hero and his friends splurging and binging all over the US. They shot at casinos and at various pleasure and tourist spots in Philadelphia, Orlando, New York, New Jersey and Chicago.

Shahid is all set for Ahmad Khan's directorial project Pathshala. Though a two-hour movie, Shahid has only one-hour role. He comes in the mid-way as a teacher. And the buzz is that, more emphasis will be given on the kids other than the director and the actor during the film promotions.

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