A lot is being said and written about the reason behind Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor calling off their relationship. From Ranbir's hookup with Katrina Kaif to Deepika's over possessive nature there hasn't been a angle that hasn't been talked about. But the truth is that many factors played catalyst to the split, one of them being Ranbir's mother Neetu Singh. Deepika may have dated Ranbir but she could never become close to the Kapoors.

Deepika and Neetu were always known to share cold vibes and Neetu had never been too happy about her son's choice. It may be recalled that earlier in the year Neetu had said that Deepika was just another girlfriend in her son's life. The actress of the yesteryears had also said that both of them were young and marriage was a long way to go and it was also not sure if they would stick to each other. Well it seems like Neetu's words have come true in less than a year.

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