Kareena Kapoor will have to be extra careful next time she sends out an SMS to her boyfriend Saif Ali Khan.At a recent media interaction, a Marathi news channel's (Star Majha) camera captured the contents of a private message Bebo was sending Saif. Unaware that a camera was zooming into her phone and catching the contents of her personal message, Bebo kept typing one SMS after another.

Bebo was seen sitting solo on a chair speedily texting Saif between sips of tea/coffee. However, the way she was holding her phone made it easy for the video camera of the news channel to capture what she had typed. Kareena was totally unaware that someone was zooming into her phone and recording the text messages.

After zooming in, it was clear that Kareena was reprimanding Saif in her message. Saif's text message to Bebo reads, "Sorry baby... was talking about your role only." In reply to his message, Bebo sends, "You were rude, Saif! I am hurt." It's clear that the two were having a small tiff over a certain personal matter.

A reporter from the channel says, "It accidentally happened that the camera zoomed into her phone. She was engrossed in typing the message, but soon realised that the camera guy was focusing on her message and told him to stop shooting. It was clear that the two had a tiff and Saif was trying to woo her by sending sweet messages.

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