Sonam Kapoor's weight loss has been often discussed, but the actress kept her overweight pictures neatly tucked away. Now, for the first time, Sonam has shared a photo of her plump days. Kapoor is the Crush of the Month for fitness magazine Men's Health.

Apart from being the Fantasy Cover girl of the month, Sonam has also opened up and talked in detail about how she was determined to lose weight. Kapoor lost 35 kgs during her transformation.

Have mom to thank
Talking to the magazine that's hit the stands she says, "We are from Peshawar - a city where rich food and eating with abandon are a way of life.I'm proud of my roots, but I realise it is neither practical nor healthy to live that way. Being an actor, I need to be healthy all year round. Having a health-conscious mother has been a blessing."

When asked how she ended up putting on weight Sonam says, "I put on weight in boarding school in Singapore, when Mum was not around to ensure I ate wholesome meals."

Keeping her fitness regime simple, she adds, "My mantra for weight loss: weight training, artistic yoga and power yoga, pilates and my Kathak training which is vigorous and helped me tone my body."

Supporting her effort to keep up on the right track and continue her fitness mantra her dad gave her a fat-free cake on her birthday. "I thought I had slimmed down enough, but my dad gave me a fat-free, sugar-free cake on my birthday this year, just to remind me that I am in an industry full of female actors who are slimmer than me!"

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