Well, it was kind of funny… but darlings can you imagine getting stuck in traffic for hours when one needs to go to the loo? Well, the chocolate boy Khan, Aamir had to go through a similar embarrassing moment at a press event recently. My friend, the little birdie was at this five star hotel where this huge media event was being held for Khan’s latest film 3 Idiots.

Needless to say, all these shutterbugs were waiting with bated breath and their cameras ready to click for the man himself. So well, he arrived – a little late due to the Mumbai traffic and more than a little in need to rush to the loo. But life’s not so easy when you are a celeb. And that too Aamir Khan!The poor man was hounded by the press as soon as he entered while his bladder endured this onslaught. My heart went out for him. Really.

And thank God it was not Juicy Mausi in Aamir’s shoes.However, he did excuse himself, saying he needed to use the bathroom. And went on to relieve himself. What a relief!

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