After lighting up the silver screen with her scintillating beauty, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will be seen gracing the cover of the famous People magazine. Not just the cover, the Indian raver considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world has gone the whole hog and has a full documentary of the 15 years of her career since winning the Miss World crown, waiting to hit the unsuspecting masses.

Lots of delicious crumpets of trivia will be revealed, that is for sure. Like for instance very few people know that she has been feted as the most beautiful Miss World ever and has been presented with a gold medal to celebrate her beauty and the exclusivity of the achievement. The edition will be replete with photographs of the gorgeous woman at various stages of what is an impressive and illustrious career. She is the quintessential high profile female, married to the most eligible catch of Bollywood, daughter-in-law of the living legend Amitabh Bachchan. She has acted in over 40 movies and many of them have been mainstream Hollywood productions.

The beauty of this woman is the talk of the world and “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts couldn’t stop herself from commenting that Aishwarya is “without doubt themost beautiful woman in the world with amazing green eyes….” With a Padmashree and an Order of France under her expensive Dior belt, her fame is truly formidable. She deserves all the plaudit heaped on her. Not just facial comeliness, this Tulu lass has her heart in the right place as well. She willingly donated a hefty one crore to the soldiers during the Kargil war.

Every one is charmed by the juxtaposition of warmth and reserve that she possesses, that is why the people of Netherlands saw it appropriate to name their most enchanting tulip after the lady.The issue of People magazine featuring Nicole Richie and her baby caused the sales to plummet, we sincerely hope that our gorgeous “Ash” can make the magazine rise like a phoenix and the copies will be flying out of the stands before we one can say “Crazy kiya re…”.

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