Today is Priyanka Chopra’s birthday. And the gorgeous actress isn’t throwing any party. But if reports are to be believed, the lady is taking a two-day off. Interestingly, Shahid too is taking a break for two days.

Priyanka has kept 18th and 19th July free from any kind of appointments, promotion events or shooting. And so has Shahid. Too much of a coincidence! Don’t you think?

Perhaps the duo plans a getaway to a secret destination to celebrate the special day. Otherwise why would they take the trouble of taking off on the same days despite their extremely busy schedules?

Priyanka had made it clear from the start that she’s not keen on throwing a bash as her last experience was bad when she couldn’t enjoy her own party (where Bollywood big wigs and Hollywood’s Gerard Butler came) because she was too tied up being a perfect host.

Day before yesterday it was Katrina’s birthday, today it’s Priyanka’s and both the actresses planned to celebrate it privately. After all, private space is much fun for these celebs nowadays. But trust some paparazzi bloke to sneak in and come out with a picture.

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