Just if you've imagined Sonam Kapoor to be one of those star kids who's getting everything on a platter, think again.

The actress is working real hard to get into the skin of her character in Ayesha, a film that her father Anil Kapoor is producing. Mid-Day reports Abhay Deol and Sonam Kapoor are attending voice modulation workshops to 'get intonation and diction right'.

"Sonam plays the role of a high-society girl from Delhi. It's a first person account and a chick flick/romcom like Clueless and 13 Going On 30, told from the girl's point of view," the paper quotes a source as having said.

Working on Sonam's voice is popular Vagina Monologues actress Jayati Bhatia. The paper reports that Sonam Kapoor attends the workshop every day for almost five hours.

While the actress confirmed to the paper that she was attending workshops for her part in Ayesha, she refused to divulge any details about it.

Ayesha is to be directed by Rajshri Ojha and is said to be an adaptation of Jane Austen's novel Emma.

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