The entire unit of Love Aaj Kal took a collective risk when they failed to get the permission to shoot a few important sequences of the film at London’s Leadenhall Market. Since the scenes were integral to the plot, director Imtiaz Ali and producer-actor Saif Ali Khan decided to take the risk and shoot them covertly at the same market.

So how did they do it?

The cameras were placed inside vans that were parked in the market. The film’s crew and cast that also comprises Deepika Padukone sauntered casually to the shooting spot. But since they could not keep secret the fact that they were shooting, the unit pretended that they had the requisite permission.

Funnily, the cops on duty bought it. They not just let the cast and crew shoot but even helped in the shooting. When a woman with a horse passed by and Imtiaz failed to catch her on camera, the co-operative cops called the woman back and let her walk again with the horse so that Imtiaz could shoot her.

Luckily, no one caught the film unit’s bluff.

Now, you can catch these scenes when the film releases on July 31.

Perhaps Imtiaz should send free tickets to those cops.

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