Rakhi Sawant visited Manas Katyal's family in Delhi recently. This was a part of her tour of prospective sasurals on Rakhi Ka Swayamvar. Manas' home was swarming with relatives and friends trying to catch a glimpse of his could-be star wife. The 22 year old media professional felt very confident that Rakhi was going to tie the knot with him by the end of the show.


The television drama queen shared a sizzling chemistry with Manas during her entire trip. She met his parents who seemed pretty liberal and Happy with his choice to marry Rakhi who is six years elder to him. Manas' mother said her son was matured enough to handle matrimony. Rakhi was also seen bonding with his sister an early sign that she might have zeroed in on her 'Mr. Rakhi Sawant'

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